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  1. Excellent summary. I'm not disagreeing with the criticism of the management team at all and it is entirely justified. However, what I've bolded above deserves just as much criticism. Some of our squad are just really bad footballers with a really weak mentality. Some have ability and a stinking attitude. When the pressure is on to produce the goods and deliver, they don't. The league table doesn't lie.
  2. You can apply that to the vast majority of our squad. That mentality has been allowed to fester year after year since we achieved top six in 2017. And look at us now.
  3. I disagree. We would not have fallen 20 places down through the Scottish Leagues if that was the case.
  4. That rabble (I'll exclude a certain few) of a squad have been getting away absolute murder all season. What utter guff that was, yet again at home. 2 wins from 7 games at home is absolutely unacceptable and nothing short of a disgrace.
  5. You have a three month break from watching this insipid, slow and pedestrian brand of football from these full time players and then they pick up from where they left off. Our style of play is utter garbage.
  6. Yet more tear stained drivel from Mrs Low. Queen of spin. What an absolute charlatan.
  7. Take a bow. What a perfect summarisation of the ignorance and delusion that is rife from those in control of the Club. The Jacqui Low effect.
  8. The penalty yesterday is the perfect summarisation of how awful we have been since April 2017.
  9. His decision making and crossing with his right foot has to improve. Seeing as all our attacks are primarily down the right side now, then he has to start producing the goods. Other players were just as guilty as him. He will be susceptible to more criticism because his direct overlaps have become the focal point down that right hand side of late. That's not his fault, I don't see any other player try to be as direct as him. Therein lies the problem with this team.
  10. On the basis of today we definitely are improving at becoming even less clinical. That's been the story of our season. We are extremely predictable in how we attack, given we have next to no pace in the team.
  11. That today is a stark reminder of why we were relegated last season and why we won't be going up this season.
  12. I'm not insinuating he had a bad game. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't alone but he had more opportunities than most, due to his positive running. Good on the big man for doing so. I don't think we've seen enough of that in his time here but when it counted, the majority of his deliveries were poor. Williamson offers probably our most direct running threat in the team. The more our attack is built around that then the more pressure that is put on him to deliver an end product. I'm not trying to find faults in what was probably our best home performance in a long, long time but we need to be more clinical if we want to get out of this league. There is huge pressure on this squad to deliver this season.
  13. You can only beat what's in front of you. That first half was the best 45 minutes we have played in a few years. It was complete dominance from us and we created numerous openings and chances. Starting on the front foot and stamping our mark on the game from the first whistle. That's what we should be aiming to produce every week, regardless if we are at home or not. However, our final ball was awful all game. Numerous promising positions we get into are thrown away due to a lack of quality and composure. Williamson being the main culprit. Today was a really great opportunity to claw back on the goal difference too. We should have had, at the very least four goals today. Yet again, we pass up great chances. This has been the only consistent part of our game all season. Finally our first clean sheet in the league this season. Sena had one or two shaky moments on the ball but overall I was impressed with his aggression and he adapted as well as you could have hoped. We need to build on these two clean sheets in a row now.
  14. Honestly? Opposition players have been doing that to us consistently for three and a half years now.
  15. Partick Thistle Family Club Remember we are a family Club now, not a Football Club. Results on the park are not paramount importance now.