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  1. Or Penrice's woefully bad positioning and timing to jump to head the ball from the cross. Nothing has changed there.
  2. So, a full kit for a League 1 Club will skin you £70. Laughable.
  3. No clean sheets in the league at all this season. I know we need someone else up top but that defence needs gutted. Hopefully McCall can improve it this window.
  4. Still no clean sheets in the league this season.
  5. Just okay? If it wasn't for Scott MacDonald's goals we would be playing in League 1 this season. Scott MacDonald was a fantastic signing for us.
  6. I sway between liking and not liking the home shirt. Really proud of the Club with regards to the away top and I really like it. From a geeky perspective, if that away top had white shorts and the white PTFC socks, from a few seasons back then it would be absolutely magnificent.
  7. If we were offered a fee of that sort, do you honestly think Fitzpatrick would still be with us?
  8. Some of our support seem content with the continuous peddling of patronising and delusional guff from the BoD and manager in the press and after match reactions. The sooner the head in the sand/wet wipe section of our support realise that this charlatan of a manager will get us relegated the better. Britton and Low's incompetence will set this Club back another 10 years and all the good foundations we've built since 2013 will be undone. Our current predicament is an absolute disgrace. We are sleep walking into successive relegations for the SECOND time within 15 years.
  9. Last season was the last year of the four year Joma deal we signed in 2013. The Joma deal has been extended.
  10. Looking for last seasons sky blue away shirt in a size small or medium. Anyone willing to part with one?
  11. I applaude the Club for giving us the opportunity to choose the kits, that's productive fan engagement. I think it's important to separate that from any frustration of the kits design. You get the impression that our new kit for the season HAS to be a new template Joma kit for the new season. There are plenty of pretty decent template kits from Joma in the past few years which other teams have used. In an ideal world, you'd like to think the Club can source them through our TTL deal. From the outside looking in, that doesn't seem to be the case.
  12. It was said by Ian Maxwell that there would be three options for us to choose from. I find that strange. Both options are piss poor.
  13. As someone who attended the meeting, I was impressed with the outline set out by the PTFC trust and their vision for the future. From the Trust, Jacqui Low, Foster Evans, Ian Maxwell and Pauline Graham were in attendance. FT's post earlier in the thread is a good summary on the key issues discussed on the night. I'll try and add to it. The meeting discussed the results of the fans survey which was distributed online back in July. They were impressed with the amount of fans who completed the survey, which I think was 735. The survey captured such aspects from the match day experience, the average age group in the support and season tickets. They emphasised the importance of having such data gathered from the survey to analyse and also to attempt to improve or rectify certain issues. For example, the Club have been in dialogue with the caterers. Ian Maxwell mentioned discussions with the caterers to offer a kids meal deal type offer and to add soup to the regular menu too. They recognised more can be done in that regard. Our deal with TTL and Joma has been extended. This season was our last in the four year deal we signed in summer 2013. Like FT said previously, we will have three shirts to choose from to be our home shirt next season. I asked Ian Maxwell if there would be any flexibility in a unique shirt design (referencing our puma purple away shirt 2012/13). He said there wouldn't be (not through choice), so it will be three Joma templates most likely. The Trust referenced Morton choosing their home shirt this season and felt this was important to get the fans engaged and involved, which is the Trust's primary objective. It was acknowledged that communication and engagement with the fans over the last few years via social media, E-mails and Jagzone have improved drastically to what they were before but they are looking to improve all the time. The poor attendance of the meeting was highlighted and I mentioned that the meeting was poorly advertised, despite its re-arrangement to midweek from a Saturday. I put it to them that WeAreThistle forum is a platform they should be utilising for fan engagement and communication. As, although FT brought up details of the meeting in this thread before it happened, you wouldn't know by the title of this thread. Both previous and current work at strengthening ties in the local community by the PT community trust was positive to listen to. Jacqui Low mentioned that she believed the Club had the smallest office staff in the League. This was reflected by the fact one person at one stage was doing the admin for both the day to day running of the Club and the PT community trust. That has lead to the communication in some regards to suffer, that is something they are keen to address. RE: City End development. It was raised at the very end and only briefly. There is still no movement to any development because of the state of the market currently. Any development will have Club facilities included in it and a "commitment" to a fourth stand. I put forward, if any development were to occur in the near future, whether or not the PTFC trust would have any consultation with the investors and developers in how any potential stand/safe standing would look like like. They said, as the biggest shareholder in the Club, we the fans would. That is for another day. The PTFC trust mentioned using the winter break to properly promote and advertise the next meeting which will be held before the Accies home game on February 18th. An idea was brought up to broadcast the meeting live on JagZone or at least to record it and make it available for fans who can't attend.
  14. Can anyone shed some light on how easy this is to do?