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  1. Graemei


    Very true, good point. Giving me the fear being so close to top 6 and potentially ******* it up. Well in truly in our hands this time.
  2. Graemei


    Are Osman, Lawless and Devine all likely to be missing this weekend?
  3. I'd love to see how we did in the top six when the pressure was off.
  4. Have only the hope that we are characteristically unpredictable and surprise Aberdeen up there. But tbh, totally agree 2-0 Aberdeen, money on that.
  5. I'm glad you said that Lindau, I was beginning to worry something was wrong with me as I actually agreed with some of these points!
  6. I'm not sure why him or a few others that post on here support Thistle, or indeed any football team in Scotland. Crawley Town would be quite likely to beat us in a game, League 2 is hugely competitive. So it bemuses me some peoples attitudes to signings from this league. We've lost some decent players to this league, why is it bad to sign someone from this league?
  7. Not too surprised, off to Ayr I hear. All the best to him.
  8. Yeah, but it's Knott happening now, look to see who else might come in.
  9. Looks like Keown could be starting on Saturday? http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/15051670.Alan_Archibald_says_Partick_Thistle_new_boy_Niall_Keown_may_be_pitched_straight_in_against_Inverness/?ref=arc Wonder if this means Lindsay and Keown in the centre with Elliott right back or can Keown play right back and Barton / Lindsay in the centre?
  10. Good points, I've seen nothing of him other than he scored a header once in an under 21 game. Perhaps injury or suspension will give him a chance to see what he can do.
  11. Ah ok, didn't realise the recovery time for a nose op. Fair enough. As mentioned in another thread if Lindsay stays, with Dumbaya back and Keown on loan, the back line options are looking decent.
  12. Anyone know if he was just rested on Saturday or was he not playing as he is off to Leeds soon?
  13. Saw this on Twitter as well, does indeed look like a done deal to the end of the season. I wonder if this is a Lindsay replacement or to partner Lindsay...
  14. Would have normally said should be resting players and giving others a run out, but they have already had a long break so this should be game time and a warm up for ICT the week after which is a far more important game IMO. Should be a walk over, but expecting a tough game.
  15. Would be shocked and delighted to get £2 million for him, but really don't like the idea of him being away in the January window. The defence was looking a lot better recently, don't want to have a new CB adjusting to the team.