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  1. signed up tonight had full access to jagzone within 15 minutes
  2. surely lyons gets a start in this game
  3. ok have bought the ticket where and how do i watch the game ?
  4. I assume that this was oor gary speaking through the chair
  5. this in a nutshell all or nothing
  6. I believe dungcaster was a manure student, specialising in shitfesting
  7. are either of these two numpties capable of an original thought ? Makes you wonder who is pulling the strings here
  8. you know what, after all these deliberations we we are gonna get SFA out of all this btw if it does to arbitration I hope Maxy is not reading this topic
  9. I hope our chair was watching that tonight comments re oor gary 100% spot on
  10. "Last chance for league reconstruction" so says the dungmaster reminds me of the Bonnie Tyler hit It's a shitfest, nothing but a shitfest
  11. wishing you a full recovery Frank, a fantastic player for the jags
  12. what would have happened this season if rangers were say 2 or 3 points behind celtic answers on a postcard