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  1. I thought that we had signed him as our new keeper
  2. just heard from a reliable source that Roughie is back in training can't see any opposition scoring against him unless the goal posts are widened
  3. we need an experienced keeper for this league if we intend to challenge this season gives confidence to our defence after Saturday i'm sure mccall will sort this out
  4. no mention of penrice in the interview his contract is up 31 may 2021 this lad has real potential playing in an attacking midfield role better imo than gordon
  5. zak ran his guts out tonight for the team midfield missing bannigan big time Falkirk will give us a bloody hard game on thursday not over yet
  6. midfield nowhere to be seen bell gordon and graham got to up their game what's wrong with penrice surely comes on second half get the ball to timoney he has the skill to take on that defence
  7. If your auntie was your uncle we win promotion or is it if your uncle was yourauntie we win promotion ma heids buzzled i'm off to bed
  8. cove are part time are they not surely we should be ready for this on Tuesday btw a big shout for our young keeper Mr Sneddon today had a great second half between the sticks on tuesday hopefully banzo and doc make it bring it on as other posters have said let's get out of this bloody league
  9. hey Big Wull what was said at the half time team talk my blood pressure is through the roof
  10. thought bannigan put in a shift tonight great effort from him and of course Zak
  11. just wish graham would shut his mouth and concentrate on trying to win a header docherty still does not look match fit we keep punting high balls from the back, get the ball on the deck
  12. in both of our last 2 games we lose a goal in the first couple of minutes schoolboy performances buck stops with management team so frustrating watching this this is our team, mccall has really got to take a hard look at our situation and his position we are playing football in Scotland's 3rd tier and we are struggling sad times indeed