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  1. agree with that AJ saw kevin couple of times at Dumbarton looked a wee bit disinterested over both games however good luck to the lad
  2. cardle and bannigan off replace them with lyons and rudden
  3. surely murray off the cardle williamson play is so obvious opposition teams have got it nailed instead of crossing why for once keep hold of the ball and push into their area far too slow getting the ball forward, if rudden is fit then get him on
  4. didn't pay for streaming today how did banzo do glad to see penrice now being played in his preferred position clean sheet and 3 points onwards and upwards
  5. that's what we want, consistency garbage last week, garbage this week and yes garbage next week
  6. so we can play deeper btw lyons doesn't look match fit
  7. we can't string 2 passes together, as others have said, no pace in the team and no composure on the ball another long hard season, totally disjointed performance
  8. foster to left back , penrice left mid field, lyons playing off graham, bannigan off
  9. what's happening with lyons on the bench again archie on the game preview that lyons was still not up to speed