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  1. Brian graham took his goal well and looked very sharp before sensibly coming off at half time. Stand out player was young Owens he ran the game and never gave the ball away once, all the youngsters where decent and none looked out there depths. McKenzie (I think) at right back was good and very confident on the ball, the young keepers handling taking corners was excellent and full of confidence. Ocholi also looked a decent prospect not afraid to take a player on. The rest where quiet but steady. Credit to Kieran McKenna who was the only player who played the whole game and I thought he held the young side together really well and lead by example keeping the ball very tidy. As for the 2 trialists, number 7 was busy but nothing special and the other who come on looked very young I assumed he was one of the weir boys originally. Finally, a brilliant feeling to see the jags in person again!
  2. Don’t disagree there in fairness. also my bad, didn’t notice it had changed.
  3. Came to see if anyone knew anything about the new singing, what his actual preferred position is, as he is just listed as a defender with no specifics. Also what to expect and if he is of any use on the pitch regardless of any previous unproven allegations off the pitch which shouldn’t be the main topic straight from the off imo. Also liked his interview, saying all the right things that fans want to hear.
  4. Was thinking myself haha, every year they become more and more pointless to buy with how many come and go. This year though must be a record with the first page of January seeing that player leave in January.
  5. Random thread, but was just thinking we have amassed 5 penalties given to us this season so far, Banzo taking all 5. Taken against Arbroath, Ayr ,Alloa(x2) and most recently against Celtic. When was the last time we got 5 penalties in one whole season? Bearing in mind we are only around the half way point as well! I’m sure it’s not a club record by any stretch of the imagination but it ought to have been quite some time since we had so many across a season.
  6. Young lad from Celtic looks a seemingly impressive piece of business again from McCall, fills a gap and more than likely even improves the position. If we get Graham in, one more centre back should do the trick. Potentially a winger too , if we can bin a few to allow it, I will be chuffed to bits.
  7. Crazy league really isint it, so tight that our signings could be the difference between a relegation play off or a promotion one within a couple of games.
  8. Not sure how to feel about Barjonas, unsure on his abilities but he may well be a very good player for all I know so not judging on that account until I’ve seen him play, but what totally baffles me is the need for a player in his position? As everyone has pointed out Mackinnon, Banzo and Cole is likely to always be our starting 3 in the middle. I would argue that slater is genuinely a decent back up to these players and has been harshly written off by most. Harkins I agree is past it and even in midfield isint ideal, but the Main one for me is everyone seems to have totally forgotten about Shea Gordon? He will be back soon and surely is an identical player in style to what we’re hoping barjonas will bring? I just don’t see how this was a position we need strengthening. For me a centre half, right back or winger would be a far better use of one of remaining loan slots surely.
  9. Ahhh I see, very clever. Would be happy to wait in that case.
  10. Have to say though this has been a superb window so far, assuming we get graham, Himself, rudden, Mackinnon and extending coles loan is fantastic business in itself as far as January goes. If we could now get either McCart or Forrest on pre contracts as well as maybe one or 2 of the rangers and Celtic centre and left backs on loan as short term plugs then I would say this has been a superb window. Brownlie and Docherty too if you count them. Super Ian McCall! Only complaint is I would have hoped to have got rid of a few more players but I can understand this isint always easy to do, plus there’s still time yet I suppose.
  11. McCall send in an interview I read yesterday about formations and systems that we where close to signing a striker who was good in the air, can only imagine that would be graham. Seems to be county are trying to take Shaw from hibs, so likely we’ll get Graham once there sure he’s been replaced first.
  12. Wouldn’t be all that oppose that either was just trying to think realistically though, would be a dangerous game to let that many go and fill all those spaces man for man with someone better.
  13. Not sure how much he has left in his legs but the concept of Mackinnon is exactly what we need, someone who’ll get stuck in and do the dirty work in midfield, something we’ve been missing for ages. Should In theory help the attack as much as the defence as it allowed banzo and Cole the freedom to play further forward and be creative. Same to the full backs. Some accies saying he’s passed it now, but have to keep in mind he’s dropping down a level so hopefully he’s the perfect man for us.
  14. Who are the 10 players out of contract do you know? Thinking off top of my own head Harkins, Miller, Slater, Mcginty, Saunders, Jones, Cardle, Robson, Austin and Cole? Is that the correct 10? If so assuming we sign Rudden and yet to be seen if Mackinnon will stay on for next year, I would keep Cole 100% if possible and cardle as a squad player, then perhaps Jones if he proves his worth from now till the end of the season as he has shown flashes that he could be a player . I would also keep Saunders as a back up centre back on recent form then possibly Austin if in the small chance he turns out to be a good player once fit. As for the 3 who have another year left anyway- Gordon I think is a good asset and brings goals from midfield and from the bench, Mansell get shot of at all costs and as for Williamson I know he’s not the best defender at times but his quality of delivery is something that’s hard to come by, I would like to see him stick around as I think with a competent defence (Brownlie) and a good sitting midfielder to cover his runs forward and he could thrive. Fox, Penrice, Brownlie, O’ware, Banzo, Docherty, Rudden upfront and Zanatta if we can get the Alloa player from last year consistently is a good spine of a team to work with looking to next season with.
  15. Here’s hoping! Also agree, in fact I think your being very kind in saying he’s bang average...