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  1. Ha, I have worked in the public sector - how did you know.....? I think it was a witty quip in the way that Bernard Manning and Benny Hill used to be seen as funny. Maybe not now. I'm glad if the guys have taken it in the way intended. But just think the manager needs to remember he's a senior representative of the club and I'd like our club to be professional at all times.
  2. You're missing the point. JEL put money into the club and we shouldn't be embarrassing sponsors. McCall should keep his 'banter' out of public interviews. He's a senior employee. And the club shouldn't put players up for interviews if they think the players aren't up to that. We might not like it but the club operates in 2021 not the 1970s.
  3. McCall's comments were made in jest, I think, but that doesn't detract from the inappropriate way of talking about employees. Probably only becomes an issue if one of them complained but someone at the club maybe needs a quiet word with him. Football might think it's different but it's just another business subject to same rules as the rest of us. Just Employment Law is a sponsor - maybe we should ask their thoughts on the comments.
  4. This is a football forum but since you ask. Case rates have increased considerably since schools in Scotland went back and there is clearly a connection. Should we close schools? Educate at home? Increase testing at schools? Have more pupils self-isolate? No-one wants these. There are serious consequences to further disrupting our children's education. But we need to be seen to be doing something because our case rates are so high and it wouldn't reflect well on the Scottish government if it looked like it was sitting on its hands. Vaccine passports at football grounds is an easy option in comparison - most people are already vaccinated, can't really enforce it so can't be checked and it looks like we know what we're doing. Which would you do?
  5. I think Norgethistle has answered for me. His suggestions are sensible. This is a (mostly) football forum. My point was that football matches are not the Covid problem so why target them? Easy politics? Norgethistle has given the government better options. Testing, better tracking and tracing, incentives for vaccination, etc. Maybe he should be Scotland's Health Minister
  6. Covid rates in Scotland went up when the schools went back. Even our less favourite websites show that. I don't advocate closing the schools but vaccine passports for outdoor football grounds do not address the problem. It just makes it look like you're doing something when you're not really achieving anything.
  7. Don't wish to become too political but this is in line with recent posts. I think most of us agree that the vaccine passport for football grounds won't change case levels in Scotland. It won't really improve vaccine rates in Scotland (which are actually pretty high) and there is no explanation how you can check the vaccine status of over 10,000 people at an event anyway. So, what is the purpose of bringing in vaccine passports at football matches? Politicians are risk averse. This is about our decision-makers trying to protect themselves not us. They'll say they've done everything they could (even where it wasn't necessary). Any risk of criticism of the Scottish government would affect their ultimate goal of having an independence referendum (and their chances of winning it)
  8. Agree with this. When it comes to outdoor events - and we're mostly talking about football matches now as this doesn't come in till October - they're just making it up as they go along. Where's their evidence? Your example of Hampden v Dumbarton is a good one. We also had none of this during the Euros when less people were vaccinated and the risk, therefore, was probably greater.
  9. I'm not aware of data specific to Scottish football matches. Probably some data available around the Euros and Scotland but from what I understand the increase in cases was more connected to people coming together indoors. I think the Scottish government will use whatever info is available from elsewhere. The big increase in cases in Cornwall correlate to the music Festival. But I don't think you can compare an event which includes overnight camping and tens of thousands coming into the area from other parts of the UK with a match at Firhill or any Scottish ground. Scotland currently has case rates double that of England. We're both attending football matches but only Scotland has schools back in.
  10. This is correct. Getting vaccinated reduces your chance of getting severe Covid or transmitting. I'd prefer going to Firhill with 100% of the crowd vaccinated. But that's not going to happen. My point is there is little risk in going to the football. The unvaccinated will get their Covid indoors in the pub afterwards. If the government want to encourage more people to get vaccinated by restricting access to football for those unvaccinated then they should say that's why they're doing it instead of making it seem like there having to do this to prevent more transmission.
  11. Not too sure when BMJ wrote that but we've had a month of full stadiums in English league and no large increase in cases in England which is evidence that football attendance has little impact on Covid transmission.
  12. There's no evidence that attending an outdoor football match leads to Covid transmission rise. The Euros saw a spike in cases due to people watching it together indoors. Not by attending matches. There's also no evidence for 10,000 and above. This is a random figure. The only example of an outdoor event which increased transmission and Covid rates was a music festival in Cornwall with 50,000 people and had a tented village. If they're trying to cajole the unvaccinated to get a vaccine then they should say that is the reason. This is a government that is trying to make itself look like it's doing something and completely missing the mark.
  13. Dropped off this for a while but hopefully I can still take a punt on the final. Been working in London of late and they're certainly up for it. If I hear 'coming home' again....... Italy 1 England 0
  14. Are you allowed a slightly late entry? Half time in first game (been working today). I've given the first result as a 0 0 as a penalty. Cheers 0 0 2 1 2 2 1 2 3 0 2 1 0 0
  15. Just getting in on time - here goes for Match Day 3 for me: 1 1 3 1 0 2 0 4 0 0 3 2 1 1 1 3 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 3 Cheers