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  1. Can't argue with that. Pretty much sums the last year or two up.
  2. I can understand the unhappiness with McColl and I think he is the wrong man for the job too. He got lucky with the last minute equaliser. But the issue is bigger than McColl. We are a club that has lost direction. From top six in Premier to being (almost) happy with a draw to get us to 5th place in League One. The club clearly lacks leadership and governance leading to poor decision making. We need to change more than just a manager.
  3. I'm forced to agree. Without reorganisation Scottish football will, at best, tread water. Scottish football, more than most leagues, has really struggled with Covid. It's been stop-start, in-fighting and external criticism. I fear we won't learn from the negative experience and may well fall further behind those whose model is stronger (includes lower English) when the world recovers from the stresses that Covid has brought.
  4. Maybe Scottish football needs to re-organise itself so that there is a structure for full-time clubs and one for part-time. League Two clubs have more in common with Highland and Lowland. Thistle, as a club, have more in common with Premier and Championship clubs. Same with Falkirk and maybe QP going the same way. We used to restrict entry to those with 10,000 seats in the Premier. Maybe we should restrict Championship to full-time only. Post-covid will not be the same as pre-Covid for many businesses and we maybe need to think differently about how Scottish football protects itself and grows stronger from this.
  5. I agree with the comments that clubs like Thistle, Falkirk and QP are being discriminated against. All other full-time clubs in the UK are being allowed to continue playing apart from these three. Imagine if Thistle were a pub that was forced to stay closed while all the other pubs were open. Could be a case for legal action if the season is closed. Just saying.
  6. Just when you're getting on with life up pops the Scottish Cup again. If Celtic win this weekend then I'd be happy if a tier 4 level lockdown for the Final voided the tournament. Thanks for the prompt BowenBoys. I'll take Celtic and Hibs. Might as well try to win. Cheers
  7. Biggest problem in UK is lab capacity. It is improving but we are not in the same league as Scandanavian countries or Germany. Otherwise we could test on demand. We closed too many labs under cost-cutting ( in hindsight, big error) and now trying to catch up. To keep this as a football discussion, I fear we'll see disruption regularly in Scottish senior football this season
  8. I can't agree. Even if the action fails then at least the club has done what it can and should do to right a wrong. It cannot go down without a fight. For me, Thistle is an emotional thing. For others it is a job and livelihood. It is a complete injustice for a club/business having to swallow something so patently wrong simply because it didn't have the money to contest it. If it makes some of the clubs that buried their heads in the sand, when a fellow member needed support, uncomfortable, then that is a bonus. Well done, whoever you are. Give in the knowledge that your money is not wasted but will make the club stronger and its fans even more behind it whatever the outcome.
  9. Yes, I do understand we have a good number of supporters above 60 years. Includes me. I simply make the point (not necessarily a football one either) that those of us more vulnerable should consider if we could give up a little to allow those less vulnerable to get closer to a normal life again. If Thistle came up with a scheme that allowed them to play and earn income but meant I shouldn't go then I would tolerate it as is for the benefit of the club and all supporters. But you hit the nail on the head - would risk legal action because someone would object. However, the SPFL could probably advise more vulnerable supporters not to go. My main point, though, was that if we are to get back to playing football in Scotland any time soon then we're going to have to think differently. As things stand, I can't see how Leagues 1 & 2 could take place next season.
  10. Bit simplistic but I do agree that there needs to be a greater understanding of risk. If you restricted attendance to those under 60 then the risks would be significantly reduced. Problem is we are risk averse in this country. Every politician and business (includes SPFL) worry that they'll get slaughtered if things get worse. We need to start to factor in the social and economic consequences on health of business (including Scottish football) not happening and realise that we need to think more imaginatively in managing the virus in the new normal.
  11. Not sure I believe that. The payment is made to those who can't work from home. A footballer clearly can't work from home ( unless he has 21 mates and a very large garden). He can maintain his fitness in the same way another person might use the time to maintain or even catch up on their learning of a job.
  12. I always think about £10 net per person attending. So 2500 crowd pulls in £25,000. Probably an underestimation and I see Gerry Britton is talking about a £150,000 hit. I think we could absorb that and if was the difference between the club surviving or not then we would get enough people to donate. If games are played, for example, in June then we are only delaying income received. Biggest worry is if we don't re-start games till after the summer or even know when things will re-commence. We'll struggle to continue paying player contracts and other outlays by late summer without serious donating. By that time there will be other clubs that will have fallen.
  13. Yes, this is correct. So it isn't about limiting spread of virus apparently. But about easing the workload of public services. But public services in England are equally and in some cases already more stretched than in Scotland. Hence, can't really see need for different approach between governments. It is a mute point anyway as public events going same way in England by the looks of it. But, to keep to the football element of it all, if we're going to stop games just now then I'd favour the Championship closing till probably the end of April and we've had the first peak of cases then finish the season nearer the end of June
  14. I think it is a reasonable response from the club given where it finds itself. I'm not really sure on the Scottish Government's thinking on banning public events from Monday. The situation in Scotland will see more cases but it is not the same yet as, say, Italy or Spain where the justification is greater just now. I can't see the justification in going earlier than the rest of the UK.