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  1. Totally agree. Mcall thinks banzo is a player that hes really not. Nothing against the old firm guys but think theres far too many loam signings in general
  2. Exactly. McCall thinks Bannigan is the player that he really isnt. Wants him to control the game, take the ball from defense etc. But the problem is hes not that good and he actually takes much more talented players out the game. Think we'd be a much better team without bannigan trying to be the main man
  3. Far too many loan signings especially from the old firm. Guys that have no interest in putting in the hard work to get out of a league like this. Sorry to say this because i have supported them all..but mccall archie are almost too comfortable with the firhill nostalgia wrapped around them. Its been clear for about 5 seasons that the defense, keeper, is a massive problem but have made no progress in this area. Was never a caldwell fan but at least he gave them the kick up the arse they deserved. The mcall, archie thistle combo is far too cosy for all involved. Time for a change
  4. Agree the old firm loan players in particular have been average at best and have rarely looked commited to the cause.
  5. Cases do seem to be increasing just about everywhere so the next month or so i think will really interesting in terms of what direction this is going and whether theres something in this 'casedemic' theory. Until theres a clearer picture though i think caution is still the way to go
  6. The R number is a lot more of a reliable measure when there are lots of cases. When cases are low it fluctuates a lot more depending on outbreaks clusters ect. Think It was above 3 at one point in Germamy about a month ago when they had consistently low cases after an outbreak at a factory. Point is as cases are at a low level in Scotland the R number becomes less important in terms of indicating how infection rates are changing
  7. Bannigan always wants to take the ball, control the game and be the 'play-maker' problem is he's not that great at it - think hes not a bad player but hes not the player he or McCall thinks he is.. probably good enough to get in the side but not in the role McCall plays him
  8. Richard Foster arguing the science and regulations of covid with the National Clinical Director on sportsound and claiming the Aberdeen players were just niave to the rules- brilliant
  9. The SPFL need to be seen to be doing something..so instead of acting against those involved Celtic, Aberdeen, their players with hefty fines etc, points deductions, they penalise the lower leagues so they can be seen as taking action..while keeping Celtic etc. on side- pathetic
  10. Thought it was interesting that Jason Leitch made it clear that if there were breaches from "now on" ( but not those previous to the "yellow card") then they might shutdown football. Also said that it was likely more stories of previous breaches would emerge in the coming days- seems to suggest he's been told in his meeting with clubs of more players breaking lockdown rules and are just waiting for it to come out.
  11. Would be good to hear a statement from the SFA and SPFL on this..honestly their silence as a governing body at this time is just incredible. Anyone else got a problem with this?
  12. Fair enough it is a wider problem. My point was mainly we couldnt go 2 weeks without a game called off ( but that could be more to do with the cautious approach in Scotland). Whether they work or not there should be harsh penalties for those who break the rules- if football gets called off again puts hundreds of jobs in jeopardy ( nevermind peoples health by not following the rules) and if thats caused by the actions of a few players then that shouldnt just go unpunished. Didn't actually see the Aberdeen players taking much responsibilty in their statement. Something along the lines of ' we couldn't have foreseen the outbreak in Aberdeen when we went out'- Guess what thats the nature of Covid and thats why you follow the rules.The Football authorities have a responsibility to act here..their role is not only to negotiate the next sky deal to line their pockets.
  13. Whats going on with Scottish football..?! No other league seems to have had these problems. No suprise really ... from the way the whole situation has been handled from the top to bottom This now needs some intervention from the SFA and SPFL..fines suspension, docked points etc. for clubs whos players break the rules
  14. Totally sums up scottish football, selfish players, selfish clubs, lack of leadership. Couldn't even make it two weeks without a game called off..don't remember this happening in the 'top flight' anywhere else. What a Joke.
  15. Agree and the 'Family' part just doesnt sit right with me. We are here to compete like every other club ,and that just softens it. By their nature football clubs and fans have a rapport but if you don't perform ultimately you will lose your job. So this 'Family' idea seems to add another dimension of almost unaccountability for failure that i don't think is right for a football club