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  1. They should be on Jags Zone tonight as it seems they cannot be shown till 24 hours after the match.
  2. A very happy birthday to my boyhood hero and true Thistle legend Donnie MacKinnon who turns 80 today! Wishing him and his twin brother Ronnie all the very best.
  3. Clearly a man of his word honouring his pre-season contract in such unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Why did Tam and Roughie keep looking away from the camera with a worried look on their faces towards the end of the podcast? I thought that maybe Garry Caldwell had come into the studio to throttle Dools for being so honest about the way he was treated!!
  5. a dying MacDonald"?? That`s a bit extreme surely!
  6. A County supporting friend tells me they were crazy not to try to get him back
  7. Johnny Flanagan, Donnie McKinnon and Davie McParland. Is the physio Willie Ross?
  8. Maybe I`ve not checked the right sources but from what I`ve read `s only ever scored one goal at senior level so let`s hope he makes up for that with us!!
  9. Please, please,please don`t play Devine!!
  10. I`d love to see that photo if you ever find it! I`d love to see that photo if you ever do find it!
  11. It`s definitely Donnie - he actually sent me that photo a few years ago!!