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  1. that is your opinion, good for you!!!
  2. ohh behave yourself, talking through your backside again.
  3. I suppose I could have, but to be honest, that would have been more then he deserves, the guy is a constant pain in the arse, he spouts filthy opinions that appear to originate in a gutter.
  4. but completely appropriate for an idiot who continually rubbishes some of PTFC more 'woke' endeavors with regards shirt design. Drivel like this has to be called out. my opinion of course
  5. He recently was dropped from the Celtic team that went to France for being seriously overweight
  6. Vietnam is a very interesting case, the case count is low in both infections and deaths, and the thought is that people in that region of the world some sort of immunity to C-19 simply due to having been infected with similar 'coronavirus's' [SARS and the like] https://www.ft.com/content/5cf2ee49-df7a-4990-b337-860cf7737b2f
  7. The Raith Rovers cup game was on BBC Alba at the weekend, that was hard to watch again, but it was a timely reminder that at our worst, last season, we were a team that were easy to beat. I can only hope the enforced layoff has helped Thistle work out their multitude weaknesses.
  8. I think we have been fortunate in Scotland that we have politicians doing the politics and not cheerleaders, I think also a fair point was made a few weeks ago by one of the English Labour politicians that the UK didn't need a 'world beating' contact tracing app, but just one that worked. This is worth a watch:-
  9. that is not funny, even as a joke!!
  10. True, he must have been overjoyed to be offered the gig.
  11. I'm afraid IM is typical of the breed, that he has found himself in a job that he has little or no skills to hold, and is getting paid an enormous annual salary . He will not be the one to 'rock the boat', it's more likely he will keep quiet and just hope he can keep earing his inflated wage for a few more years until he can qualify for an SFA pension. That is his purpose in life .... arbitrate over the current clusterfvck in Scottish football is something he has little interest in doing. [IMO]
  12. I wonder what the 'wee red book' will look like this year?
  13. I think the subject demands a debate!!! Should we set up a committee to decide future actions? how many will be in the organization, that will give us an indication of the required quorum?