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  1. Another inspired substitution!
  2. Now sitting at mid table mediocrity (familiar ring to that?). From left to right AHHAH
  3. Having moved up the table AAHA AHHH AAAA AHAA
  4. Mottos always more classy in Latin nuda corpora gradatim excipiantur qui omnimodam
  5. Greetings from the isles BB and happy new year to all taking part - Journey to Hampden starts here so pining the tail on the donkeys again as follows HAAH AAAA HAAA AHHH AAHH
  6. Iirc melchester play in red and yellow?
  7. Ah but just think, you wont feel so guilty about not being there to support the team.
  8. Peaty FC

    Away Kit

    To indulge in mild pedantry for a second. We shouldn't need to change from 1st choice strip against those 2.
  9. No doubt there might be another name change in the near future. To me its a horrible trend although liked by sponsors who obviously get a name check with each sports report in the media and therefore more publicity probably than most other club sponsors. Supporters don't give a fig (remind me what ground ferranti thistle play at these day?) but are no doubt grateful for whatever money comes the clubs way. At least we kept the Firhill bit to our credit and I hope we still do with any new deal
  10. We already know the spfl have specialised software. Especially specific for incoming spam emails!
  11. Maybe its just be me but on looking at that graph again I think we could superimpose the teams performance over the last decade or so reasonably accurately
  12. Think we have been invaded by the "Broons" of 10 Glebe St. Has Daphne got a boyfriend yet?