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  1. Not sure about hearts as opposition. Think their tops had white trim in the early 70s. Maybe Arbroath who were in the old 1st division during the time . Definitely not winter looking at the crowd. But agree, baffled by the blue shorts. Incidentally i noticed that in season 73/74 we played Hearts 6 times, 2 x league, 2 x league cup and 2 x scottish cup. Didn't beat them once. So much for modern repetitive games!
  2. Sharing a photo (copyrighted) that has recently come my way - think summer 1990. Most players identifiable from the team photo for 1990-91 in the Official History book including a few club legends. Thistle take on the might of a Lewis & Harris select I believe. Still trying to find out match details.
  3. I'd take that all the way to the final!
  4. Rip bertie. Part of my early years as a Jag. Thanks for the memories.
  5. Reading today a wee article about the drastic affects some clubs experienced on their grounds attributed to inferred climate change, got me wondering what other folks here thought of what, if anything, football's response should be. Assuming people buy into the need for visible changes in society (not a given) to combat the environmental changes, it strikes me that this is as good a time to re-visit the question of summer football to reduce the need for the likes of floodlighting and undersoil heating as a starting point. Personally, I have never been in favour of summer football before as the longer days affords too many other outdoor opportunities to enjoy free time but would accept that if smallish changes are to effective as part of a long term solution to reduce energy use, moving to summer football for nearly every club would be a step in the right direction. Also do we need the current level of international club and national games, fans and teams crisscrossing the skies on a regular basis? Two recent years absurdities spring to mind of 2 lots of English club supporters jetting abroad for the Champions league final against each other - differing circumstances I know but nevertheless, could the locations of these games not have been re-thought and should the same circumstances occur again would the authorities run the same scenario? How do potential changes to our game work against those that earn a living or part of from the game and the wider economy should we try to reduce the intercontinental traffic for what is after all a wee jolly? What other ways could a changed system work? I realise that the world issues are massively complex and far exceed the conversation on Climate Change but as this is primarily a football forum, I ask the question relating to our wonderful game at home and abroad, what should or could be done?.
  6. Definitely a late tackle by the St Mirren player - another red card for Goodwin?
  7. just love the Club names - Can't think I had ever heard of Jeanfield Swifts before Anyway here goes for this round HAAH HAAA HHHH HAHA HHHH
  8. Was just about to look up for an Open University course to help. Never a dull moment!! Happy to go random!!
  9. maybe its just my internet or devices but seem to be having a lot of hangups/buffering today - anyone else having similar?
  10. Playing to the final whistle. 2 - 0 to Italy
  11. Oh dear oh dear oh dear 1-2 2-1 1-1 0-2