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  1. Ah but just think, you wont feel so guilty about not being there to support the team.
  2. Peaty FC

    Away Kit

    To indulge in mild pedantry for a second. We shouldn't need to change from 1st choice strip against those 2.
  3. No doubt there might be another name change in the near future. To me its a horrible trend although liked by sponsors who obviously get a name check with each sports report in the media and therefore more publicity probably than most other club sponsors. Supporters don't give a fig (remind me what ground ferranti thistle play at these day?) but are no doubt grateful for whatever money comes the clubs way. At least we kept the Firhill bit to our credit and I hope we still do with any new deal
  4. We already know the spfl have specialised software. Especially specific for incoming spam emails!
  5. Maybe its just be me but on looking at that graph again I think we could superimpose the teams performance over the last decade or so reasonably accurately
  6. Think we have been invaded by the "Broons" of 10 Glebe St. Has Daphne got a boyfriend yet?
  7. And if no one tries at all to challenge that seemingly unholy trinity?
  8. Not just you. Just wondered if thistle and hearts got a letter as well? As one poster reminded us, everyone got 50k to use as needed so not as if they haven't had extra money from expectations.
  9. The futility or otherwise of action will become clearer on the outcome of arbitration. Sometimes i wish i wasn't seeing this a thistle fan as personally I remain dismayed as a football fan that the spfl board have created the mess through tunnel vision thinking from the outset followed by manipulation to protect their agenda.
  10. Stop that pigeon now DD.
  11. To borrow from Orwell's Animal Farm (seemingly apt?), "some are more equal than others",
  12. Will include a welcome to hong kong rangers to the lower leagues of chinese football.
  13. quoting the walkover score - understandable. Been following your posts and take on board the challenging assessment ahead. Might all be over by 12 today but... As one who never would put the Jags down for a defeat, even on one of Bowens Boys predictors, I will always believe we have a chance. Yes I am an eternal optimist.
  14. Sounds a fantastic route which presumably all clubs can benefit from if they have offered a refund on season tickets. I remain comforted in thistle and others taking action given there is not a single club out there that would not have been aggrieved if they had been in a similar position.