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  1. The Paul Paton Promotion Pool Party day still gives me shivers, the sight of Craig Walker in a mankini is something I will never forget!
  2. Hopefully aye! I see Alloa were relegated today so that’s another reason to get out this league, we are generally crap there and the pitch is woeful.
  3. We played Dumbarton away in the final league game before the playoffs in 2006, we were 2-0 down and won 3-2, McConalogue got 2 and Roberts with the goals. We also played Dumbarton away in last game of the Championship winning year aswell! Feels like a good omen!
  4. Did we re-sign James Mckinstry and I huvnae heard?
  5. Does anyone else think the ball went in off Rudden’s hand rather than his chest? I’ve watched the behind the goal camera a few times and pretty sure it was The Hand of Rud!
  6. If the season does go on after the 18 games on Tues 20th April, are the next 4 games crammed in Sat-Tues-Sat-Tues?
  7. We have Montrose on Thursday instead of Saturday as they are still in the SC so we have the weekend off then the final fixture the following Tues.
  8. I say we do a crowdfund for a Bobby Houston cairgo after this magnificent result! Who's in?
  9. Predicted a comfortable Jags victory with a 4-1 result, not far off! Credit to the team, looks like it was going to be one of those days after 30 mins but we got the goal before half time and two quick goals in the second half. Banzo and Brownlie standouts, Cardle, Tiff, Murray, Graham all gave us a f*cking shift and a half! Sneddon had a good save at 0-0 but was still a bit flappy at crosses and looks like he's a nervous wreck when the baw comes in the box.
  10. What’s the team likely to be? My team would be: Sneddon/Wright if fit Mckenna Brownlie Bell Penrice Cardle Docherty Banzo Tiffoney Rudden Graham 4-1 Jags.Get yer cairgo chilling!
  11. Allan Russell was the model professional: professional model. How did he manage to be England’s striker coach telling Kane and Rashford how to score goals?
  12. Shankland will be dying to get back in amongst the goals after being dropped from the national team, who better to face than Thistle. Dutd 4-0, Shankland hattrick and Nicky Clark.
  13. Or call him Antti Niemi, cos’ he’s Finnished.
  14. Anyone know what big Kevin James or Eddie Annand are up to these days? Possible signings?
  15. They must be making good marge-ins on the shirt.