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  1. The Dundee manager is Gary Bowyer I think!
  2. Get back to 442 with 2 wide men in Tiff and Lawless/Fitzy and have Dowds/Lawless/Weston/Mullen playing with or just off of Graham. 2-0 to the Jags. Tiff and Graham.
  3. Could we kidnap Kingsley on Firhill Road, bundle him into the back of a van then demand 3BC instate TJF as fan owners in order to get him back? I laughed at the part about flooding the sinks in the toilets, I thought it was only the wet bandits that done that?
  4. Ah right, cheers for that. Imagine having a fixture moved because a printer cartridge is playing the next day!
  5. I hope McCall is at Ochilview tonight watching QP, currently 2-0 up vs Ayr. I thought it was moved to the Friday for the TV but can’t find it on? Stenny are away tomorrow aswell.
  6. Aye after the Dons v Raith game tomorrow. I'll take the Gers at Firhill thankyou.
  7. Gawny stop using capitals every few words, your posts are giving me heart palpitations.
  8. I was watching the stream and didn't think it was in, til it was in, the fans seemed to think otherwise! McMillan will be a bloody great signing, I didn't realise he could get forward as much as he does, he's the new SOD and Milne is the new ATS!
  9. He's meant to be back in training for tomorrow's open day so I'd say he'll still be another month at least before he's ready to start.
  10. I'd like to have seen the tempo and intensity increased a bit given the league starts next Saturday, it was still a bit slow and pre-seasony but a decent win none the less. I'm still not sure what our best formation or team is to be honest, we looked so much better when Smith went off and Lawless came on, Lawless went on the right of a front three and Fitzy onto the left. If we are going with a 433 then is it Doch, Banzo and either Mckinnon or Turner? If we going with a front three (assuming Tiff won't be fit for next week) I'd go with Fitzy on the left and Lawless on the right. Graham will start upfront but isn't the most mobile, big Dowds puts himself about aswell and Mullen scored on his debut and will be dying for a goal vs his former club. Big decisions for the gaffer for next week. I'd go for Sneddon, McMillan Aero Holt Milne, Turner Doch Banzo, Lawless Graham Fitzy.
  11. Earlier in the competition Elgin (I think) fielded an ineligible player vs Ayr and Ayr were awarded a 3-0 afterwards, now Hibs have apparently fielded an ineligible player vs Morton last night, I wonder if they will do the same and award Morton a 3-0 win.
  12. Terrible camera work not to catch the whole build up and goal!
  13. RIP Adam. The two main moments that spring to mind are when he came on vs Ross County at Dingwall in the 5-2 game, he skinned a few boys down the wing and crossed in for Roberts to make it 5-2. Also remember speaking to him in the warm up at Balmoor in the playoff final, he came over and told us the starting line up. Would be good to see a minutes silence or black armbands vs Killie or our next home game to show respect.
  14. From watching the stream I thought it was a very sluggish pre season first half, McMillan and Lawless linked up well, Graham looked too isolated just like last year. He needs someone up with him so hopefully Dowds is the man. If we have Milne and Tiff on the left there should be loads of room down the right for us this season. Second half we picked up the pace and probably should’ve scored more with Turner’s shot, Smith and Lyon both through one on one. The second goal was a belter with Mcmillan moved to left back, running the length of the park to chip back at the bye line for Graham to header in. Good finish from Turner but his delivery was dreadful all day, he was on every free kick and corner and seemed to hit the first man everytime. Good workout, 3 points and we go again at Legoland on Wednesday.