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  1. I wonder if we might be looking at Rohan Ferguson, he was previously at Airdrie and Motherwell then was on loan at Linfield last season, he played in the Europa qualifiers and ended up winning the league. Might be good competition for Sneddon? He’s 22 and according to Wiki is 6 foot 1.
  2. McCall quoted as saying ‘ McKenna is a great player plus he has a degree in political science which should serve him well. Hopefully the new Graham Gibson!
  3. Oh Maryhill’s strips are won-der-ful, they are much better than Partick Thistle’s oh Maryhill is wonderful!
  4. Can folk not just accept that Doolan is finished, he’s been rank rotten and not kicked a baw for years. I wish the re-signings of McCall, Archie and Harkins were blocked as they have been hopeless since coming back!
  5. Maybe they offered a 3 year deal by email but Ashcroft didn’t receive it so they re-sent a 2 yr contract?
  6. Lee Ashcroft signed with them earlier in July so I suppose it was him.
  7. I wonder what will happen with the chairmen of the clubs who voted against us coming to Firhill, I’d love it if we told them to GTF or anyone outside the playing or coaching staff had to pay in as they have cost us money with relegating us. Knowing our board, we’ll probably invite them right in for tea and scrumpets!
  8. So how many players who are self isolating from one team will it take to postpone a game? I doubt if this was County or Hamilton at Ibrox or Parkhead tomorrow the game would’ve been called off. Funny how we had a game in hand because ICT stayed in the cup , the league gets called due to Covid 19 and get relegated and now Dons players cause a game to be postponed and it’s just re-arranged, they should be docked the points.
  9. You been on the Cuillin Beasts Alan?
  10. Finn Ecrepont- at least he sounds like a Jags fan!
  11. No-one was calling for 5 subs before the pandemic and now they vote to change it, no-one was calling for reconstruction before the pandemic and they refuse it and shaft us. I hope the lot of them go bust and liquidate.
  12. It’s ok but a bit similar to the NHS top, at least the NHS has a bit of colour. boooooooring! Bring back Puma!
  13. Aye ‘cause we’ll make an arse of this season aswell!
  14. Just like most games the last three years then!
  15. You sure the gig was at Hampden and not at Para, Para, Paradise?