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  1. Someone on P&B said there is another watch party on Facebook? Does anyone know where to find it? cheers.
  2. Jags fans would be better putting their tenner on Thistle at 3.5 on willy hills!
  3. I was listening to Clyde SSB tonight and Mark Wilson was on his usual Thursday night slot after just being sacked by Brechin, laughing and joking about it after being murder last year and even worse so far this year, I remember him doing the same during the vote nonsense and he seemed quite smug it benefitted his team and kept him in a job, now he’s been punted, no shame at all tonight or apology to Brechin fans, wee Arab/Celtic ratbag, I would genuinely love to see them die or at least take their hedge to football obscurity, get it up ye Brechin chairman who just so happens to be on the board!
  4. Hopefully nobody stops the pigeon and they stream the game!
  5. We started well once again but didn’t take our chances, I’ve not seen the pics from Gordon’s chance but it was apparently over the line? Queens came into it after about 20 mins of first half then Graham gets sent off. I still thought we looked the more dangerous team with 10 men, Docherty and McKenna winning everything, Penners doing well up the left and thought Rudden looked better himself than playing up with Graham, I wonder whether Rudden playing with Kouidder Aisa or Lyons/Spittall upfront might be better than having Graham up himself? Credit to Sneddon, I was just saying to PTD yesterday that the only doubt I had was the keeper but he was brilliant tonight.
  6. Did Martin forget to buy his tickets this week?!!!
  7. I’ve sent my feedback along with asking how much we are charging for each ppv home game, I emailed the club a few weeks ago but had no reply. Trying to see if it’s worthwhile cost wise to buy a ST even though I won’t make any home games or buy all home games ppv?
  8. Steven Spielberg has been spotted in Maryhill and rumours are he’s doing a new film about the last 3 seasons at Firhill, he’s calling it’Baws’.
  9. Firhill for Thrills on Film, Thrills on Film.
  10. If only Shea Gordon had slid in and knocked Graham’s dink into the net instead of leaving it then the defender clears it off the line it could’ve been a different game! Gordon and Banzo both had one on ones and Murray had a good chance with a header in the second half. Just a question of match sharpness. Sneddon looked shaky, I’ve said for ages we need a better keeper if we want to win this league, it’s still early for him aswell having not played first team football in ages but he’s never inspired me with any confidence, but neither did Fox last year. Considering there was no Foster or O’Ware, and we had a bench with Lyons, Spittall, Rudden, S-KA and Niang then we look to have built a decent squad. Bring on Saturday!
  11. Fix! How many tickets do you buy every week Martin? Can always bet on you winning the 50/50 and Douglas Mcrea winning some sort of prize in the centenary fund draw!
  12. The Jags Mag must have contained a fair share of diddies down the years!
  13. There might not be any jobbers but there is a jobby in the dugout.
  14. I wonder if we might be looking at Rohan Ferguson, he was previously at Airdrie and Motherwell then was on loan at Linfield last season, he played in the Europa qualifiers and ended up winning the league. Might be good competition for Sneddon? He’s 22 and according to Wiki is 6 foot 1.