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  1. Sounds like Penrice is out for them as he needs a minor op. Alston in for Scotty Dog, I assume BBG will be back in for Tomi but I’d stick with Tomi and see how he gets on.
  2. Aye think it was a fake account, what a random rumour to start😂.
  3. Rumours from the Daily Record that we are to recall Dowds from Ayr as Killie want him on loan? Really?
  4. What injury does Ngwenya have? Not seen him in the squad for ages, we’d be aswell as punting him back to Aberdeen.
  5. Can’t be changing a team who won 4-0 last week. Need to watch out for Strapp’s throw ins, they are like missiles. 2 hattricks in a row from Muirhead then Oakley in their last 2 games, let’s not make it a hattrick of hattricks against the Partick, unless it’s Aidan Fitzpatrick.
  6. McGinley and Williamson have left aswell.
  7. Think I read the hospitality was sold out for this one so got to think we’ll be doing all we can to get it on, plus we’re on a decent wee run and the crowd from a Saturday will be better than a re-arranged midweek game. Will be interested to see how we play with Adeloye up, he really needs to take his chance here.
  8. I suppose Ryan McGowan done not too bad after being on loan with us in 2011, he played at the World Cup a few years later!
  9. I do believe I recommended us signing him a few weeks ago😉.
  10. So you would be in favour of a Kerr-go?😂
  11. We had a few Welsh fans at the game we beat Livvy 6-1 back in the Championship winning season.
  12. Dutd home or away and moved to the Friday night for TV no doubt.
  13. I’d take Alston from Killie who is out of contract. Maybe Robinson can have a word with him. Good midfielder, won the league with Killie a few seasons back. He’s saying he feels he can still do a job in the Premiership or a good Championship team.
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