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  1. Aye it’s daft but we were pumped every week after the split when we finished top 6 and finished with less points than teams below us!
  2. Pretty sure he was centre half with us with Saunders as we had Elliott at RB and Penrice at LB.
  3. From the Ex Jags page I’d be looking at Jack McMillan from Livvy, decent big player, but thinking would he be a starter at centre back? I just hope Brownlie isn’t another Tam O’Ware and doesn’t get back to his old self after a bad injury.
  4. Usually hesgoal dot com has games on, our game is listed down the left hand side but it doesn’t always work. Click on the game, it might try to open up ads on a new page of you try and go full screen but just close it down and try again.
  5. Don’t think we deserved to lose, bit of a kick in the baws that. Inverness looked decent with Walsh and Chalmers linking up then when Walsh went off we got a hold of the midfield a bit better. We scored then had a wee 5 min spell on top and didn’t jump on them. Then they subbed Walsh’s sub and brought on the boy upfront who worried us with his pace. Alegria’s sitter killed us then the sucker punch was always coming, it was like they had 12 men, there was always someone wining the first ball after we sclaffed it forward. Graham had a great touch for Crawford’s goal but otherwise was anonymous, Tiff didn’t beat his man all night, not sure if he’s still not fully fit or he doesn’t fancy taking on the full back on that pitch. Still not out of it but we don’t look like winning a game so anything other than a heavy defeat in Inverness will do me, end the season, have a clear out and go again next year.
  6. So Foster wasn’t the only tadger full of hot air in the terracing?
  7. Yeah the team won’t look anything like I’ve posted but if we are to have a chance of winning the playoffs we need to rest as many as we can!
  8. Why do all our players look like baddies from Goldeneye on the N64?
  9. I hope we gub them and they get relegated for charging £18, Killie were charging £9 earlier this year, even our £12 is steep for a piss poor live stream! I wonder what team we will put out, it’s going to take the absolute clusterfcuk of clusterfcuk’s for us not to be in the playoffs so I’d be looking to rest a few guys but on the other hand they are fighting for their lives and I don’t was us to lose any momentum going into the games vs ICT. I’d play a sort of fringe team like this but can’t see McCall risking it. Sneddon Hendrie Bell Akinola Foster Murray Crawford Doch Mcallister Jakubiak Alegria
  10. I think he’s still contracted until next summer so I don’t see him coming to us unfortunately.
  11. Good signing and exciting to see we are actually planning for next year. If we are signing a left back then who do you think will be released? Hendrie has been ok at left back and Holt can cover there aswell. Hendrie, Foster and McKenna are out of contract in the summer. I’d be happy with a centre back pairing of Holt and Brownlie with Akinola as cover, I think we need a new right back, Foster and McKenna have been ok but would like to see someone better.
  12. Jags for the win today, 3-1, Jakubiak, Tiffoney and Graham to score!
  13. Have to laugh at Rangers pulling out the barby derby in OZ but having ‘ this is the old firm’ going round the stadium on the advertisment boards and on the wee arch they walk through prior to kick off’. An absolute joke of a club, glad Celtic beat them. Get yer money on St Midden to beat the Bears next Sunday. Clyde SSB was a good laugh post match!
  14. Will Graham or Jakubiak be fit? I don't have Jagzone so not sure who is available. Need a win tomorrow, chance to go 1 behind ICT and 5 ahead of Raith.