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  1. There’s something about that city end goal that causes controversy! The old Dutd goal which went in our favour, the Camille Oponga OG, I’m sure we had a dodgy disallowed goal vs Livvy in the cup when we eventually won 2-1, then there’s the Doolan goal, the penalty we had awarded then disallowed vs qots ?
  2. I had £1 on Graham to score 2 or more goals at 12/1 and £1 on a hattrick at 100/1, I wish he had scored another goal yesterday. That is all.
  3. What's the team going to be then? Do we go 433 or 442. For me the midfield three we can't afford to drop, if it doesn't work out then we can revert to 442 or a 4231 no bother. Who knows what team IM will pick, I think it'll be as below. I don't see Mayo or Smith starting as they haven't played with the team yet. Stone Mckenna Bell Holt Foster Turner Banzo Docherty Rudden Graham Tiffoney Bench: Sneddon, Smith, MacIver, Mayo, Niang, Ocholi, Owens, Gordon, Murray.
  4. Who has got their cairgo sorted for tomorrow then?
  5. Let’s hope our forwards can find the net and not the woodwork.
  6. That sounds familiar, I can’t remember the name of the club that happened to!
  7. We won’t get away with playing a 433 in the championship, it worked last year because all the other teams were p/t and playing 3 games a week, still think we need a right sided midfielder as we will need to go 442 at some point. Looks like IM was trying MacIver out on the right side of midfield tonight, I like him and he’s busy but I just fear he’s another Lewis Mansell/Alex Jones. We’re going to need a few bodies in, a right sided full back, right sided midfielder, a centre back and a centre forward.
  8. Did you invite Bobby Houston over?
  9. First erection I’ve seen since we signed Tiffoney.
  10. Can Rylan Clarke play in goals? Could we get him on loan?
  11. I’ve used hesgoal dot com before for streams and it’s been ok.
  12. Mulgrew linked with Dundee Utd on the BBC Sport website, never thought there was any chance of him joining us.
  13. The away top is a belter, at first I was Hummels and hawing, but I would like to Havertz.