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  1. Just turned over to the Sco U21 game and and I see Mayo is starting so he'll be unavailable, no sign of Rudden in the squad, I just assumed he was called up but it doesn't look like he was? Will the team just be Hendrie into left back and Holt to centre back then keep the rest of the team as it was vs Ayr?
  2. Cove guy should've been booked for simulation!
  3. I'd say we go 442 again and see how it works tomorrow, McCall shouldn't have dicked about with the team after a few clean sheets, albeit it against Morton and Stenny, Akinola isn't a right back, he's a centre half, play him and Holt at centre back. McCall seems to like Mayo but I'm yet to be convinced, I'd give Shea Gordon another go at right back and just tell him to defend and not bother about doing anything else. Otherwise play Hendrie at left back and move Foster to right back. Sneddon Gordon Akinola Holt Foster Turner Doch Banzo Tiff Graham Rudden
  4. Apparently he was meant to be signing for Queens Park as he’s used to playing with a spider! I hope he goes straight into the ‘side’ for this Crucible match vs ICT.
  5. Does anyone know if Stranraer are doing a live stream of the game yet
  6. Our front 6 are the ........... and I'm just saying nothing. Please win Jags. Stone Mckenna if fit / Akinola Mayo Holt Foster Turner Docherty Banzo Tiff Graham Rudden I'd give this another run out tomorrow, I don't think McCall will go and make wholesale changes, maybe Hastie in for Tuner to give us some real width but who knows if he is fit.
  7. Meant to say, does anyone know if the Arbroath stream is that pixellot nonsense? I'm sure it was when I found a stream for their game with St J last week and the camera kept zooming away from goals to a baldy guy while the pens were in place, but checking their highlights on youtube it looks like a normal camera? cheers
  8. I suppose it will be hard to drop anyone from the Pars game. McCall has said after the Hastie and Akinola signings they will need to work hard to get in the team first so I don't see any changes. The midfield 4 and front 2 are the best 'front 6' in the league, we need a big game from the big keeper tomorrow. Stone McKenna Mayo Holt Foster Turner Docherty Banzo Tiff Graham Rudden.
  9. Probably aye, I’m sure IM said in an interview we had a striker lined up from W Ham after the first lockdown but it fell through.
  10. Even when we win 3-0 and Graham doesn’t score, he still finds a way to get on the scoresheet!
  11. I say we bombard the [email protected] email address with emails containing the letters GIRFUY.