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  1. Do Junior Jags who are season ticket holders qualify for the draw ?
  2. Hi did everyone else get searched at Caley game going into ground ? Its first time we have been searched en masse at a game ? When I asked steward why everyone ie my 2 grandsons aged 6 and 7 along with myself and wife were getting full body searches I was told it was because fans had been bringing in pyrotechnics. My wife expects her handbag to be searched at every ground as this is norm but body searches of 6 and 7 year old was a bit over the top . Especially when game started and ICT fans were letting off flares . I just wondered if it was just early fans or all fans . I usually find stewards at inverness very good and this was so out of character for them ?
  3. video-1649536097.mp4 video-1649536083.mp4
  4. Just wanted to give a shout out to all the coaches and helpers at the kids training camp at Springburn Park. Took my grandsons down from Portree in Skye for week . They thoroughly enjoyed experience and met lots of other thistle daft youngsters . Home now and a weeks kit out on the washing line .
  5. Anyone know what the position is for tickets for ICT game ? nothing on their website or ours ? If I can get tickets its as near a home game for me as I can get . Ferry booked in hope of getting tickets
  6. Hi Mel good to hear from you remember you well and trip to Firhill back in the day . Still pop in to Kilbarchan now and again to visit a few neighbours will keep an eye out for you
  7. Kenny MacDonald taken to first game by my dad also a diehard in 1965. Lived in Linwood in the early days now in North Uist but managed at least one game a month till lock down . Was lucky enough to be at Hampden for League Cup victory . Unlucky enough LOL to be at just about every final game of the season for past 40 years . Some good ones and some not so good . My sons both follow thistle and grandsons 5&6 also . They have travelled from Western Isles to Firhill with me and both have thistle strips they wear regularly out playing at home . Born in Elderslie Street just off St Vincent street in Glasgow . My nom de plume is because of my passion for cycling ,:- racing , touring , bicycle polo , coaching , building and teaching cycle mechanics
  8. Just an observation , seeing as we are in a pandemic and money is tight . Why are we still playing at 3pm on a Saturday ? when at this time of year floodlights are required . Surely it makes sense for games to be played earlier and save the expense of putting on floodlights and lights at stadiums . Common sense or is it just me ??
  9. Hey don't forget North Uist we travel down to games twice a month , well at least we do when there are any games to go to . I know there are quite a few supporters on Skye , haven't met any others in Uist so far .
  10. I remember a game where he set up the whole team on one side of the pitch at kick off , completely confused the opposition and most of the home support LOL
  11. I had same issue then when I got in after attempts all over 8 characters , wouldnt let me change adress or collection . Have contacted club to ask them not to send to home adress but received no replies fear the worst and it will be sent to home adress whilst I,m on mainland all week before the game
  12. The Heb is the dogs bollocks the Clansman is an ok substitute when the Heb is away in dry dock
  13. This is my home game LOL I commute from Uist every other week to watch Thistle. The top road over through Achnasheen is quietest and quickest route to Dingwall from Uist . I was also at 4 -0 game a long dismal drive home after that one . Hoping for a result this time as a few County following friends need the smile wiped off their faces LOL
  14. Not blaming club I know that it would be imposed on them its the blazer brigade at HQ who never consider the fans who who suffer every time with rescheduling and early kick offs for long distance travelers etc
  15. They never consider the fans who have to travel to these games and book travel and accommodation well in advance . I wont be able to make games now so club misses out on 3 people paying tickets , half time draw etc etc and I still have all the costs to pay . Disappointing for Nomads who try there best to support the club even at great expense , just need to hope we win and we get a chance to plan for the next round .