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  1. Suggested online that Rudden had tested positive for covid and that Tiffoney had to isolate as he was a close contact.
  2. This is just a European version of the Scottish Super League. If I remember correctly our own club was quick to add their name to the breakaway clubs promoting that car crash, and none of them showed any concern for the clubs it would leave behind.
  3. If we’ve proved anything in the last week it is that form, and momentum, can change very quickly. Falkirk are in a slump right now but that could change.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/ScottishCup/status/1374804286467629069?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  5. Highlights from last nights games currently being added to the official twitter feed https://mobile.twitter.com/ScottishCup?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  6. Amateur teams and junior teams usually parachute youth players into their teams as trialists. Filling the bench with 18 year old youth players is fine in that setting but unacceptable in the professional game. If we need a team to get a result against Falkirk and they’re decimated by Covid so forced to capitulate by fielding local boys club players then it would be a farce.
  7. This all sounds manageable unless a lower league club gets a cup run. Then league games could start to build up. What about positive Covid tests at a club? Have they agreed an approach for that if it leads to a postponement? There may not be enough time to get that club rescheduling games.
  8. You know that if they won League 1 they’d immediately push to change the agreement and obtain promotion to the Championship. Then they’d start to defer promotion to the Premiership if teams finished behind their colts. It’s a creeping death.
  9. I think anyone giving the ref any credit in this incident is being far too generous. Looking away when the incident happens BUT doesn’t seek to speak to the linesman AND goes immediately for the red card. Seems to me he was more than happy to ‘make an honest mistake’.
  10. That’s a joke. A slow start and a teams whole season is gubbed. Teams will be relegated without a fair shot at finding form.
  11. I never said it wasn’t the right decision. Just offering facts in response to those complaining above about the folly of us postponing. Id personally be amazed if they called the league on average points with less than 40% of the season played.
  12. Average points per game so far.... Falkirk 1.909 Cove 1.727 Montrose 1.636 Airdrie 1.6 Thistle 1.5. If we’d played and beaten Clyde we’d be on 1.636 the same as Montrose.
  13. HAHHAAHAHHAAHAAHAAHH Cheers BB, surely this can’t last as long as last seasons competition?
  14. The open goal miss from Graham show just how little composure we have in front of goal.
  15. Murray, Penrice and Brownlie have all had great opportunities to put us ahead. We really do need to be better in front of goal.