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  1. I went there just hoping that we'd have one goal to cheer. By the time the 4th went in after 30 minutes it felt like the very laws of time and space had been suspended. What a day! Will never forget how it felt.
  2. Jaggernauts post 707 - Not true. Newfoundland voluntarily relinquished its Independence when it ran out of money
  3. Rough, Niven, Walker, Fox in that order are the best Thistle keepers I have seen. But yes, Fox doesn't really command his box.
  4. George Niven (always took time to sign my and my pals autograph books after the game.) Neil Duffy Davie McParland Sandy Brown
  5. According to that site Bryce is one of our top ten best ever managers (% games won), well ahead of the likes of Mcparland, Auld and Lambie
  6. no, "back in the day" the records are all pretty good (with the exception of Scot Symon, who was a decent enough man) George Easton 1903–1929 Scottish Cup (1920–21) Donald Turner 1927–1947 David Meiklejohn 1947–1959 3rd in the Scottish League (1947–48 & 1953–54) Willie Thornton 1959–1968 3rd in the Scottish League (1962–63) Scot Symon 1968–1970 Davie McParland 1970–1974 League Cup (1971), Division Two (1970–71) Bertie Auld 1974–1980 Division One (1975–76) The above (pasted from wiki) doesnt even tell the full story - Scottish Cup final under Turner and 3 League Cup finals under MeikleJohn. Bertie Auld had us finish 5th a couple of times in the Premier Division. No there is no doubt about it - in one hundered and thirty seven years, Dick Campbell stands supreme!
  7. For the grevious harm he did to the club, for his delusions of adequacy, for his arrogance and contempt for Thistle fans for being a complete tosser of a man, it has to be Dick Campbell DJ was a joke Sandy Clarke totally lost the dressing room Collins, Bryce etc werent up to it. Mcveigh was unlucky But no one amost killed the Jags the way that Campbell did. I'll never forgive that man
  8. If the original post isn't a deliberate wind-up then the poster is to be pitied for his ignorance
  9. I know it makes me a bad person, but I do not wish him well
  10. I see Kenny Richey is back in jail again. I miss the old ding dongs that used to go on on this forum about Kenny. He was certainly a cause celebre for a few. Rather disappointed his supporters once he was freed I suspect.
  11. I know it makes me a bad person but I sure grudge this fat dumb pair their squillions. Couldnt they have done something more worthwhile with their windfall than make wee Eck, the Dear Leader, even more smug?
  12. I've been thinking that myself. The Celtic fans have clearly had enough of Lennon. The Celtic board are unlikely to want to splash out big time, so unfortunately Jackie must be a stomg candidate if we keep doing well.
  13. 1955 Glasgow Cup Final Just turned 3 years old. Thistle 2 Rangers 0 First games I properly remember were in the glorious season of 62-63 when we were top of the league for a while.
  14. Seems Ryan has quite a lot in common with Gareth Barry.