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  1. All about opinions LJ. Let me clarify my point. I don’t know how many players we have signed in 10 transfer windows, but player for player how many are better than what was inherited? Have we signed a better right back than SOD? Ok now an international, unlikely to improve. But now we’ve not got a right back! better left back than ATS? better striker than Dools? God knows he’s tried. How many strikers have we brought in? Mukendi, Pogba, German et al. Lyle Taylor I’ll accept. Any others? osman for his first few seasons was excellent. I know your screaming Cerney and I know I’m in the minority here but his lack of urgency and willingness to play the ball to the full backs to play out, which was a big part of our play, killed us. Slow hoofball from the back. He was a great shot stopper, but goal keeping is more than that now. i could go on, but you get my point.
  2. There is something very wrong at the club from top to bottom and something needs to change. the managers legend status is not in any doubt and as much as it pains me I think, largely for his sake, he should move on. The atmosphere is toxic in parts of the ground, now numerous fans deciding to stay away until there is change with others wanting protests. Even if we do go on a run of 3 or 4 games, it’s delaying the inevitable outcry when we hit an opposite run. I’d love Archie to turn this around, I can’t see it though. Genuine question, from the team that got promoted, how many players has he signed that were a step up from that team. I mean if you laid out that squad, in 10 or so transfer windows, where did we improve. I doubt you’d get more than a handful of players out of however many he has signed. Having said that, who is going to make the change? It’s jobs for the boys. When Maxi was announced at the SFA, we were hiring headhunters to get the best replacement we could. Within a few weeks we appointed the head of the youth academy to run the club. Best candidate? Take away the king of Spain guff for a minute, what qualifies Gerry for the gig? His Jagzone videos are hardly inspiring. We are going backwards and it’s unlikely to turn around soon. If it’s not the manager that changes, what does? As a Football team, club and business it’s failing and no amount keep the faith will turn it around.
  3. I think we need to keep playing the high ball to Dools. Clearly working all game and will see us to promotion.
  4. There will be no panic buying at firhill - just panic. right troops, what are we seeing from the manager to suggest we are coming out of relegation in any sort of decent shape. Please guys, Archie is a legend. Thanks mate and good luck in your next gig. no one here at Ayr can defend this shambles. Disgrace against Livi was 7-8 weeks ago, are we in better shape?
  5. That was a hard watch today. Not much created, lost a poor goal then St J kill the game. That said they had a few chances to bury us. thought Cargill was excellent today. Fair to say Spittal is struggling a bit with form. Huge game on Friday... start with the team that finished today?
  6. Was it a violent or reckless pull of the shirt in the cup final by the Motherwell player?
  7. DACGSO if an attempt to play the ball receives a yellow card. Where no attempt has been made to play the ball it receives s red card. I recall Motherwell losing a player in the cup final for the same thing. If Lustic does not pull back Miles he gets his shot away, a CGSO. Lustic pulls him and should go off.
  8. If ever there was an admission that Scottish Football is run for the benefit of 2 teams this is it. Thistle should have no part in this but I’m willing to be we vote it through. Let’s make the 2 biggest teams stronger, aye that sounds like a plan. I’m sure Aberdeen, Hearts etc might have something to say as to why these 2 teams. Scottish Football is a racket.
  9. Enclosure does not have a safety certificate, so can't be used. And another thing, there is no guarantee that either of the ugly sisters would sell out the north stand (can we get a name for that stand) so can we stop p1ssing off the fans by trying to move them to appease 2 teams. I know guys who don't go to these games, so it's not worth buying season tickets. Then when it's freezing or chucking it down, they have nothing to drag them out. We need to be pulling punters in, not giving reasons to stay away.
  10. I hate the term but this has the feeling of a must win. We need to beat the teams around us as they all seem more than capable of taking points off the big teams, whereas we might as well not turn up. Also county will spend big in January as per usual to ensure they stay in the league, again we probably won't. Big game guys and girls, let's get behind the team.
  11. it is entirely possible to be backing the manager but to have concerns about our current predicament. I'm not in the sack him or indeed the job for life camp. I also don't get the argument that we were bad under Tommy Bryce, Dick Campbell etc so you should be satisfied that we're bottom of the top league cause we're not THAT bad. Are we not allowed to want progress as a club with stability like those massive clubs like Killie and St Johnstone? Big few games for the manager and indeed the club. After the Dundee game, Archie gave a worrying interview stating some players were not up for it and they thought they could turn up and pick up where they left after the Motherwell game. Well they did pick up where they left off, cause the last hour was honking against Motherwell. And why could he not get the team up for the game? Anyway... onwards to the weekend
  12. Expected nothing and wasn't disappointed. We seemed organised but offered nothing up front. Put it to bed and onto Saturday.
  13. Saying for weeks I'm not going. Bought tickets today