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  1. Pretty good, i'm in Orangefield in the East so have adopted Glentoran as my local team. Had a ticket for the Glentoran v Linfield the other week that was waterlogged so looking forward to the replay in a week sor so
  2. Aye, it was honved aske me to design em and he had a wholebunch printed up which were available as order only thru the EOSS. But you can still get 'em thru the link below. Not as cheap, mind cos he had em printed in bulk. Cheers
  3. The article in the Record said her name was Linda Lui. I already googled her, but nuthin
  4. Saw that in the paper this morn, the impression i got was that he was supplied with it as a kind of promo deal in advance. Good photos Was in the Daily Record i saw it!
  5. A friend of mine who is colour blind got into a fight last week. He was beaten grey and dark grey.
  6. DLTBGYD is a brilliant album. Realy like the Bosstones too biut they kind lost their way a bit recently, some brilliant earlier stuff
  7. Don Davis - American Nightmare: The Jeffery Dahmer Story Over the top, biased, sensationalist, exploitative tat - makes for a crackin read!
  8. Yeah, Perkele are great. If you like them you might also like Stage Bottles from Germany. Antifascist oi! with a brass section and crackin songs like 'Sometimes antisocial but always antifascist' How can you go wrong? Los Fastidios from Italy and Stomper 98 - also German - are brilliant in the same vein. But regarding Plan B, hadn't expcted to, but loved it instantly and gets better with each listen And Laurel Aitken is the MAN! 'When a skinhead, walk down the street....' Magic!
  9. I'd say at least 1 or 2 more
  10. Naw but a few months after I moved here i popped next door to borrow the neighbours extension cord one morning, got some very funny looks. Assumed it was due to the Jags strip, but later realised i had a curly marker-pen moustache from the night before. Coulda been either haha
  11. Will keep an eye out, was out at the post box in mine earlier lol
  12. West Windygoul Gdns, just near Elphinstone rd end of windygoul