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  1. They seem to forget it is radio and that the listeners cannot see what exactly is going on,they chat amongst themselves and suddenly you get informed that a goal has been scored,they really need to get a grip.
  2. Run out of likes,cannot believe that our govering bodies say and do nothing.
  3. It was 1985 Wrighty and as they say,’I was there’ Sadly I it was the night Jock Stein died. Incidentally, I think Leighton started out in goal but Roughie took over at some stage? Think Leighton lost a contact lens so was subbed.
  4. Option 1 for me but happy with either and would buy whichever is decided,great work.
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Folks.
  6. Heard the broadcast,could only have been Lewis he was talking about,
  7. Always like when we Play a team with Ridgers in goal,there is always a mistake in him and so it proved for our third.
  8. Spot on,however there is the Paranoia factor as he once spoke to Jacqui Low.
  9. Unfortunately the toilet facilities are a disgrace.
  10. falklandal1

    New Owner

    Spot on Martin,this needs to be sorted as soon as possible,all this does is piss the support off and we don't need it.
  11. falklandal1

    New Owner

    Yes,noticed the prices had been hiked.
  12. I never had any problems adding games/renewing my Season Ticket till they fixed the system,cannot do anything on it anymore,so I just drop in to the office and do it there.
  13. I had exactly the same issue,never had much trouble up and till they improved it,went to the office eventually.
  14. Ha Ha,you would miss my wonderful description of goals that you miss,and my analysis of the game so far,lol.