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  1. Did he? Clearly states the judgement will be pending.
  2. He was out of contract so I guess he was within his rights. He has come down in my estimation though. Think there were 2, possibly 3, Charlton players refused to extend to cover the end of season. Little doubt they effectively relegated their club. Distinct lack of class.
  3. I won't be going to away fixtures. I wouldn't call it a boycott and I won't be differentiating teams that did or didn't support reconstruction. I simply hate Scottish football. I can see no earthly reason why I should continue to prop up this toxic **** up of a product. There must be a million and one things more deserving my hard earned cash. Season ticket to Firhill will be the extent of my spending on Scottish football. I will miss the days out like hell though. Generally speaking, I'm not in favour of any sort of organised boycott. People should do whatever they want with their free time.
  4. Not sure about Cardle. Thought he was excellent in the turning round our fortunes the season before last. Second only to Mcdonald in helping us stay up. His form last season was for the most part very poor, although he was playing much better in the spell before lockdown. What I do like about him is his commitment. Despite some comments to the contrary, I have never seen him hide in a game. He does seem to split opinion.
  5. Dirty tictacs having a go at a dyslexic.
  6. Just when you thought this couldn't get any nastier.
  7. Bit confused by the "Yer oot the gemme" comment. My recollection from news coverage is that it came from the DU legal rep (presumably he would actually be acting for the 3 clubs). Have I got that wrong? Either way a truly pathetic and counter productive comment. As for your last point, this will be the final throw of the dice, the panel decision is binding with no appeal. Probably for the best, if only for our collective sanity.
  8. Yeah, for an easy 50 grand, I'd have given them that advice as well.
  9. Bill Clark breaks the world "pot calling the kettle black" record. Well done.
  10. I trust the purpose of this walk will be to deliver an apology to a club they've shat on from a great height before bleating on about sporting integrity. I suspect not. A truly mind-boggling level of hypocrisy.
  11. Jesus, dripping in self-justification, almost narcissistic. Clearly a man that wants to ride the SPFL gravy train as long as he can.
  12. I'm no legal expert, but I don't think it will have any material effect on the arbitration decision. Never really understood why they felt the need for representation in the court case anyway. Is there any defence their QC can present that the SPFL couldn't? Maybe someone with more knowledge can clarify, otherwise it seems a pointless and expensive exercise. As an aside, do we know if any of the 3 clubs indicated support for the final reconstruction proposal? Hearts made no secret of the fact that they were going to court if reconstruction was unsuccessful. Surely they would have considered the implications for themselves? Then again they run Scottish Football clubs, so most likely not the sharpest.
  13. Yeah I guess so. Seems an expensive attitude. I'm sure arbitration has a significant cost but surely cheaper than court. Reading the BBC report on the arbitration process I don't get the impression that our chances of success would be have been compromised by choosing this route.
  14. I find that a bit strange also. I'd assumed, as many on here had as well, that SFA arbitration would be an internal whitewash. It's now clear that their procedure is robust, and most importantly completely independent. It might not give us the outcome we're looking for but it will be a fair review of the facts by highly qualified professionals. Begs the question why we didn't go down this route in the first place.