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  1. To top it all, Lawwell considers allegations of arrogance unfair. They honestly have no grip on reality, seem to exist in their own universe.
  2. Completely sensible move by Livi. A cursory look at the weather forecast suggests that the majority of clubs should be doing the same. Unless you're prepared to turn on your USH or are off to Dubai for a jolly.
  3. No fans as from Boxing Day the whole of Scotland moved to Tier 4 restrictions. According to the QotS board they forgot to inform Galloway, who presumably requires personal notification and was blissfully unaware of the change in circumstances. He was then magically able to waltz into Palmerston with his family unchallenged. Dominic Cummings was more believable than this crock of shite. Can't blame Queen's fans for spitting blood over this.
  4. Just checked. It's actually 5 goals from our last 7 games. Phew, thought we had a problem for a moment.
  5. That is an absolutely shocking statistic. Indefensible.
  6. Just looked at it and don't agree. I think Murray had just gone out of the box when the contact was made. The contact was actually very slight but probably a foul. Whatever happened Rudden's reaction was ridiculous. Murray didn't make anything of it.
  7. Don't recall thinking Murray was in the box when he was fouled. It was a clear tug so I'm sure the ref played advantage. Will have to check the highlights.
  8. Nah he was shouting like a 10 year old at the ref. The way I saw it a Falkirk player had a tug at Murray but the ref let him get his shot away anyway. It would have been good refereeing to have gone back and given the foul but nothing to get your knickers in a twist about. Have heard a couple of versions on what he actually said but whatever it must have been over the top. Can't recall seeing a player get a straight red for dissent before. Generally thought the ref was OK. He was a booking waiting to happen. On at least three occasions when he was flagged offside he just booted the ball away. With all the problems we have right now we need that level of discipline like a hole in the head. He either grows up or he can **** off.
  9. Further proof, as if it was needed, that Scottish Football is run by complete incompetents. Reading that statement it seemed shambolic even by their standards, they clearly don't know or don't feel obliged to follow their own rules. Perhaps I've underestimated them again.
  10. Not even Christmas and I've pretty much given up on the season. Why should I get myself worked up about this shower of disjointed, disinterested losers. Absolutely pathetic to a man.
  11. We've actually managed to be worse in the 2nd half
  12. I'm not a big fan but at least he has some sort of goal threat