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  1. Not great but nowhere near as bad as some of the aforementioned. Or Tommy Bryce for that matter.
  2. Benny Rooney, Sandy Clarke, Gerry Collins. There are a few contenders for that crown.
  3. Understatement of the century. Don't think I've seen a referee's bottle crash so many times in one half of football. Absolute shitebag.
  4. Great memories of following Thistle when Bertie was our manager. For me the mid to late 70s was the best Thistle team I ever saw. Such sad news, RIP Bertie.
  5. 3rd goal was a great goal. Killed the game, no coming back from that.
  6. It's 10 years since I left Muscat. If I could've been arsed I should have changed my name to Bahrain, Dubai and finally Kilmaurs Jag. The only one in the village as far as I know. Brown is our Westminster MP. Somehow appropriate given his level of delusion.
  7. Rudden was onside. What's actually bothering them is that it was a very tight call and they feel they have the right that they should all go their way. They are a big club after all. I assume the awful officiating doesn't include the stonewall red card that wasn't given. To think that arrogant ******* is my MP.
  8. Think that was about the three of them taking real pride in their collective performance and Sneddon's late save that has kept the run of clean sheets going. Sneddon was very solid yesterday but for over 90 minutes Mayo and Akinola did a great job of protecting him. Shame about the Hamilton consolation goal. But 1 goal conceded in 6 is a great achievement. Also thought Holt and Foster were much improved on recent performances.
  9. My God that was good. Totally deserved win. Could have been more comfortable if the ref hadn't bottled a clear red card. In fairness that apart he wasn't that bad. Rudden, Bannigan and Mayo were all immense today. Everyone in the team pulled their weight today. Particularly pleased to see Turner and Murray come in and do a job. Kilmarnock's first real chance came 2 minutes into injury time and thankfully Sneddon was up to the task.
  10. Just watched the match on Jagzone. My God that was turgid stuff. The standard of our crossing just sucks the life out of you.
  11. I've got a 71 top somewhere. Need to root about the attic and wear it next Saturday. I'll probably look like a silly old tit, but **** it.
  12. Yeah but most of these yellow cards came about because when the referee was presented with a difficult decision he decided to pretend it hadn't happened. Complete and utter coward.
  13. Unfortunately that was at 6-0
  14. 2nd half was our best performance in a long time. Tiffoney, Rudden and Graham were brilliant tonight. Well done Jags. Even had to put up with some of the most cowardly officials ever. Rudden given offside from his own half. Truly pathetic stuff.
  15. That is a belter of a result. Hibs have a real pedigree in Women's football in Scotland. Very well done!