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  1. Is Lesser Hampden not expected to be ready for next season?
  2. For me the big problem is the size of the leagues. 10 team leagues make the current play-off system silly. If memory serves we won two more games than we lost and still could have been promoted which doesn't make a great deal of sense. Think it works well in England with the bigger divisions.
  3. As I remember it, Sean had a long term injury that lasted about a couple of years. Not sure how accurate that is but he was out of action for ages. I do remember the recurring joke about another 6 weeks. I'm reasonably sure his contact was extended during this period when everyone thought he was a cert to be let go. When he did return he struggled initially but gradually got back to form. The last 3 months of that season I distinctly remember thinking he was playing the best football of his career at Thistle and was the best player in the team. Others might agree with that assessment but he was definitely on form. Then at the end of that season Archie released him. It was the single most baffling, inexplicable series of actions from a manager I can think of.
  4. You sure about the Dunfermline chairman? I seem to recall them putting out a statement that they voted for the reconstruction proposal, highlighting the unfairness of what was happening to certain clubs. Maybe I'm getting mixed up and it was another club altogether. The Chairmen of QotS, Ayr and Hamilton amongst others can however go **** themselves sideways!
  5. Not our night guys. That's the best we've played in ages. One **** up and we're punished.
  6. Christ we don't half know how to **** it up
  7. So ****** frustrating. Did as well for the first 60 mins and deserved to be in front. Then as per usual we shat our pants. As per usual we think defending a lead involves surrendering the midfield and falling back to our 18 yard line. There were individual errors but the real problem is we lack bottle. Nothing to lose on Friday, hopefully we grow a pair and get tore into them.
  8. To be fair he gave plenty of dodgy decisions against ICT as well. From start to finish the guy was absolutely shocking. Where in the name of Christ do they dig these retards up from. Literally if they'd pulled a guy at random off the street with no interest in football he'd have done better.
  9. The guys I go to the games aren't on the forum so they asked if I could submit their names as signatories to the statement. Would be grateful if you could add, Iain Carmichael Davie McGreagor Ian Liddell Thanks.
  10. Sorry mate. I remember the incident fine. Just my attempt at humour.
  11. Have absolutely no recollection of this incident!
  12. Did she not have sticky fingers?
  13. Generally loan players don't play against their parent club. For example Gordon wasn't able to play for QotS last Friday. If (and I know it's a long shot) would Rudden and Jukubiak be barred from playing if we met Dundee in the play off final? I suspect it depends on the details of the agreement.
  14. These stats are complete nonsense. I just looked up the record for distance covered in a match. It's 15k. So this guy doubled it and then ran another 4k. Made up pish.