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  1. Ref was complete homer. Ayr had a clear penalty turned down. The one he gave was off the defenders chest. Kilmarnock were the better side, Burke was excellent.
  2. That seems to make sense. Would have to see the Lukaku goal again. I've a vague memory the Russian defender tried to play the ball rather than a straight block.
  3. One for any referees on the forum. At the game I thought the disallowed goal was blatantly offside and the ref was correct to change what looked a complete howler by the linesman. Watching the replay it's clear the ball comes to the offside player from a QotS player who's blocked a shot. Should the fact that a defender has blocked the shot have played him onside? I genuinely don't know the answer to this. Offside law has been tweaked so often.
  4. Any chance he might be commentating from a studio in Glasgow? Do broadcasters have the same exception from self-isolation as athletes?
  5. I'm well aware of what a season ticket buys me thanks. I also know when restrictions are finally lifted that live streaming of Thistle games will be a thing of the past. I'll be at Firhill on Saturday but probably won't be able to return until October. I've a mate who lives in Hampshire and has got a season ticket. He'll only make a handful of games. We've both gone out of our way to support the club knowing we could pay less at the gate. In my mates case it's effectively a substantial donation. This isn't unusual, I suspect most season ticket holders miss a few games. Do you really think season tickets holder's who can't attend on Saturday should be expected to stump up an extra £12? Would be funny if we got above 2000 season tickets before Saturday.
  6. Therein lies the problem. We are a million miles away from normality. The scenario at Falkirk is inevitable and will be repeated at several other clubs for the foreseeable. What we are left with is complete incompetents making it up on the hoof. Watch this space for the media darlings to be treated differently.
  7. Very true. But if the scenario, as I understand it, is correct then season ticket holders will have to pay £12 to watch a match that the club is broadcasting. That is so wrong. Absolutely disgusting in fact.
  8. But we are providing a live stream and presumably will while there is a restricted attendance. Can fully understand things going back to normal when all restrictions are lifted. Have to admit I'm taking the email from the club on face value. It certainly suggests that the rules on this seem to have been set up to cover this season. Perhaps Thistle haven't interpreted the rules correctly. Other teams certainly seem to be doing things differently.
  9. Maybe the SPFL don't agree, but anyone with a modicum of sanity will realise we are still in the middle of a pandemic. There are many people who are still uncomfortable about being in a crowd. Many who will be away at this time of year. There are supporters who buy season tickets who know they can't make every match but choose the support their club anyway. When teams are providing a live stream of a game what possible reason could there be for excluding people who have payed up front to see every game. This is crass even by SPFL standards. It looks like some clubs are choosing to ignore the SPFL's latest idiotic dictum. I can't particularly blame Thistle for following the rules but would have preferred the club taking the same stance.
  10. Just watched the full game replay and can only conclude the highlights must cover a multitude of sins. The first half in particular was rancid. Reminded me of last season's opening league game against Clyde. The 2nd half was better and we probably deserved the win in the end. The improvement was almost entirely down to the introduction of Tiffoney. It's a worry how reliant we are on one player. Play to that standard in the Championship and we're going straight back down. Hopefully improvement will come. I found it hard to judge the penalty from the camera angle we had. The ref was really well placed to make the call though.
  11. Just watched the highlights, mainly to check if the 3rd and 4th Dunfermline goals were legit. Fair play to the officials, both calls were correct. Never been a fan of Conner Murray but thought he played well yesterday, hopefully this will be a big season for him. Clearly that defence needs a lot of work between now and the 31st July.
  12. ******* hell, we were doing great until they equalised against the run of play. Then the roof caved in. No idea if they're 3rd was over the line, I'll bet the same applies to Madden who couldn't wait to look clever when the Dunfermline hands went up. He may well be right, not much complaint from our defence. The way we've been opened up from the 30th min has been a bit of a reality check.
  13. Just when I thought it was impossible to hate Scottish football any more.