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  1. Could you set up a place where I could talk to you off - line?   Frankly you need to talk to anyone, not just me, about powers you assume we have, but don't, and what you are going to do about it.  Your 'complaint' about having your meal in NYC interrupted would be more convincing if you had dealt with devolving authority.  Which you haven't done to my immediate knowledge.

    You need a fora for folk like me who work on this site to ask you questions. They are not onerous, they are obvious, but require your steer.

    Please provide that.


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    2. douglas clark

      douglas clark

      Fair enough Tom. You probably thought, as did I, that this site is worth saving.  And we both put our names forward. And then we went "Wow!", we have been given a live hand grenade.

      So, I am in an exactly the same position as you.

      I do not understand how this site is supposed to work and frankly how it works. (For instance, I haven't a clue whether this is being read by you alone, you and other moderators, or the entire membership. Neither do I understand what my role is supposed to be. I thought I knew what a moderator was, but apparently not. )

      I would be happy to meet you. I am not at all reluctant to do so.  And will do so, if you want. Maryhill as a place, anytime.  Your call.  Not 19th Dec before 17:00 otherwise.....

      But, perhaps a subsequent meeting should be a tad wider than that?

      It seems to me that a lot of people care about this web-site and the invite should extend to anyone that regularily contributes on here? 

      Can we try to move this forward?


      --Cardle equalizes at QoS! -!










    3. douglas clark
    4. douglas clark