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  1. More victories to be chalked up soon.
  2. How do you think other countries are doing by comparison?
  3. Maybe Powerpoint is a bit too high tech in Newcastle.
  4. I couldn't even try to make a guess about who the MC players might be. Even though it's the early-to-mid 70s, Roughie still ain't wearing gloves. But it looks like he's wearing a teenager's cap of some kind!
  5. Great photo! Man City at the Ibrox tournament? Jackie Campbell and Roughie. Not sure of the other Jag on his feet. Kellachan? The Jag on the ground.... dunno, presumably a defender. One of the Hansens?
  6. A few musings based on the highlights: A couple of excellent saves by Sneddon. But no doubt some people will want to see another team's young, inexperienced, and recently gaff-prone player in goal for us next week. Akinola: looks like we might have signed a versatile and very useful player. MacIvor, Docherty and Tiffoney all seemed to be particularly prominent in the game, in a positive way for us. Holt: the next Liam Lindsay?
  7. Basically BB's s work, with a few cunning changes to avoid accusations of plagiarism: AHHHHHAHAHAAHHHAHAAAHAAHHHAHHA
  8. Are those grains of rice going around the perimeter of the Chinese copy of the Partick Thistle design? Shouldn't the Jags one have chips, or pies and bovril? Or prawn sandwiches........
  9. It's a V-Pisspoor idea. Isn't somebody more likely to get infected on a smaller, enclosed space like a crowded bus or train, or in a busy shop than in an essentially open stadium where fresh air constantly circulates (with two obvious exceptions, not so far from Firhill)? So, V-passports for almost everything that everybody does is the way forward! Yeah, bring it on!
  10. What's the meaning of the Jags players' celebration pose with their hands clasped behind their head (see picture above)?
  11. I like that way of looking at the overall picture. Next few games will definitely be interesting for adding colour and texture!
  12. Not forgetting that Dick Campbell doesn't exactly hava a reputation for scintillating, fast-flowing, high-scoring football. But the Red Lichties are doing well, it can't be denied. If we somehow don't get promoted, my choice would be them!
  13. It also looked to me as if the relative lack of width at Gayfield last week literally cramped our style. But we're going to have to find ways to deal with that kind of problem.
  14. Rifled it low into the net! Hope to see many more from Zac.
  15. Header brilliantly won and brilliantly placed.
  16. A case of simply outjumping the defender and a looping header. Fine goal!
  17. Is it only me whose jaw dropped on hearing the commentator's insult about the German fans?
  18. Really interesting stuff, Aliballibee. But I'm not yet convinced that the strip on that "three lions" shirt is the one in the video clip. If you look carefully at the video (in fact, you don't need to look so much at it), you can see a very thick white border around the badge, which seems to be absent in the other picture. But who knows for sure? Boring fart that I am, I love these kinds of threads.
  19. That's definitely a plausible scenario. I briefly wondered whether another (probably less plausible) reason was that somehow England thought they'd represent the "home nations," and one way of doing that was by wearing a Scotland top. But it seems unlikely that they would go as far as to completely change their top. What got me thinking about that was when on the news movie the commentator started off freely using "English" and "British" interchangeably, except towards the end, when it was clear that England would win, they were referred to only as........ well, you can guess!
  20. I wonder why they wore those shirts? By the way, take a look at the news clip for that match on Youtube, and stand by for an unbelievably insulting comment by the news commentator!
  21. Makes you wonder: might teams who got punished by the award of a 3-0 defeat not so long ago have a valid case for taking (legal) action? Whereas clubs voted for the relegation scenarios that saw us get relegated, did a majority of clubs actually vote in favour of the 3-0 decree? And if that punishment is now going to be "arbitrarily" halted, especially if there is again no vote, then big questions arise.
  22. I saw them there in 1976, the Black and Blue tour. Brilliant. Second only to the simply incomparable Pink Floyd as an experience, but of course different kinds of music.
  23. Willie Thornton, despite his obvious incurable tendencies towards blueness, did well enough as our manager throughout the 60s. Unfortunately, that probably set us on course for the relegation that soon arrived, as our board took the lazy position of simply replacing him another Ibrox-obsessed fellah, the disastrous Scott Symon.