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2019 - 2020 Shirt Sponsorship

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Hi everyone
Another Season ... and another opportunity for the Nomads to shine.
Once again its time to dig deep and help us raise as much as we can to get yet another Nomad Shirt to raffle off to those who pass me their donations.
As in the past, every £5 raised earns you a "ticket" to the random number generator end of season raffle.
Don't hang about please as we have only a few days before shirts are offered more widely to the fan base.
Paypal GIFT donations to me are ideal as we raise more that way. You do not need a paypal account to do this.
Send your contributions to me as ever at [email protected]
If you prefer to send a cheque then let me know here and post it to
Hugh L Cooper
Nomad Secretary
15 Glen Brook Road Telford
Shropshire TF2 9QY

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 Mysterious donation of 15 p received!

...... followed by £15!


thanks Lori !





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Steven Saunders Home Shirt secured for the Nomads ...


... I have some more funds, but not enough for a second shirt ..


.. so if you wish to contribute to this cause, please do so soon.


I may well hold onto any shortfall to await January Transfer activity or pass the funds over to the clubs for some standard replica tops for our raffle

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I have nabbed Steven Saunders Away top too

Two shirts secured this year.


Thanks to everyone around the world



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