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Vaccination side-effects?

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Anybody have any? 

I got the Pfizer vaccine. First jag, no problem at all. 

The medics told me at that time that most people who reported side-effects did so after the 2nd jag. (How did they know the word "jag" in Japan, lol)

Got the 2nd exactly 3 weeks later, in the other arm (recommended by the medics). Exactly as they said it might, my arm was a bit more tender and for a few days longer than with the first jag.

Other side-effects? None at all,..... except..... for several days the left side of my face and scalp felt quite tingly and sensitive (slightly painful, even) to touch. I occasionally get that symptom (especially at the top of my head) whenever I get flu. But it cleared up.  I'm not even sure if it had anything to do with the vaccine, and I couldn't find any reports of that being a side-effect. So my response when folk ask about side-effects, and there's no time or need for a more elaborate answer, mine is "None."

Lucky? Maybe, but certainly one of the "fortunate" ones to be fully vaccinated here (still below 15%).

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I got two x Moderna - first in April was uneventful apart from a tender arm at the site of the jab.

Second jab was in June and it kicked off with the sore arm but next day I was groggy, clammy, drowsy and feverish (toggling between hot & cold all day) but decided to go in to work. It was the wrong decision - and colleagues commented openly that I looked like sh*t all day. Left 15 minutes early and felt like I was going to fall asleep at the wheel on he M8 on the way home (not good) - had to exit the motorway at Anderson and park in bothwell street to go for a walk and get some air. Drove home through back streets with two more stops. Ball buster of a headache. Went straight to bed at 5 and woke at 9 feeling ok but by 11pm symptoms we’re back again. By morning most symptoms were reduced so went into work.

In hindsight I should have taken two days off. Wife had similar issues with second Moderna jab which lasted 3 days. Daughter who works in a care home had 2xPfizer and felt ok apart from a sore arm. Son had his first Moderna jab recently and was grubbed for 48 hours - he noted that others at work who had Moderna were similarly shafted. 

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I had my second Pfizer jab yesterday. I felt fine after my first apart from a sore arm.

After the second though Im feeling the same way gianluca was after his. Tired, clammy, hot and cold and also muscles are aching. Slept from about 9 last night until 7 this morning then back in bed from 9 to 12. Hopefully it passes in the next day or two.

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