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Billy Mcleod

Hugh Janus

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Went to Ipswich from school during the era of Bobby Robson

1st team players such as Butcher, wark,Burley etc

Played for 2 years before returning th Scotland with Thistle under Bertie Auld

Went on tto play for Q o south

A very competitive striker

Finished playing junior With Kello Rovers



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I actually remember seeing him play for us in a 4-0 defeat at Ibrox in about 1980. The reason being that we had sold Doug Somner, Jim Melrose and Colin McAdam for about £500,000 in total and our only striker was Billy McLeod, a free transfer from Ipswich. We hardly got out of our half in the entire match and McLeod had the thankless task of chasing aimless punts against a Rangers defence of experienced Internationalists.


Not surprisingly he disappeared without trace. Astonishingly, we finished sixth in the Premier League that season with a strikeforce of Tony Higgins and Alex O'Hara both of whom were pretty hopeless.

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The things you forget as you get old! I was at school with 2 players in the squad, Gordon Taylor & Davy Greer. Taylor was left winger at Everton & a decent player, but quit to come back home to become a PE teacher. I don't remember if he ever played for the 1st team


Greer was a big headed twat that thought he was better than he really was.


Big sexy Lexy Grant was also at the same school


Ps great strips!

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