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  1. Nope, still the same and watching it on the phone! Cheers.
  2. Tried that, along with switching All Possible appliances off and on again. But this has happened all season/ every home game, just now looking for an answer due to possible restrictions easing!!
  3. Don’t have chrome cast but as the video shows I CAN get it to the TV but no matter which link I use it pixels out and sticks!
  4. Don’t have a laptop but would prefer a group to watch it on the big screen either way!
  5. No matter which of the 4 Links I use Or if it’s Airplay from my phone to the tv or via the tv’s own internet app it has always done this and then stops completely after approx one minute! it has been bearable up to now due to lockdown etc and j can watch on my phone no problem but with restrictions easing I will have Thistle friends and family joining me and would like to watch it on the TV. Any suggestions to fix this? IMG_6641.MOV
  6. At last, iPhone friendly and easy enough to negotiate.
  7. Some people on here obviously don’t remember the lower league years and I never ever want that to return. A lucky horrible deflection to keep is up and a turgid boring play off win every time so that next year we can try and fix it. Have previous play off teams automatically been relegated the next year? Relegation would be a disaster. Agreed it’s been a terrible year but no matter how it happens we need to stay up!
  8. Midfielders need to start scoring and putting away the chances they get. Looking at the highlights from the last few seasons and the midfield have had many great chances to score and secure those games we ended up drawing or losing, The Ghost knew where the net was and j believe that wasn't as good a squad as this. Would like to see our current midfield players stats for games played/ goals scored and I think it would make poor reading. Hope I am proved wrong but this would take the pressure of everyone not just Dools.
  9. Surely by now the realisation of where we play etc is irrelevant. The agents rule the roost. They will never have their client sign early in the window and will be in the players ear whispering and promising the world!!! Nothing Archie can do about that no matter what league or money is offered!!
  10. Nothing against Welsh ..... but IMO always slowed down play and went backwards or sideways. Not a holding player like Osman so what did he provide going forward. Crap corner after crap corner!! Goal record!!! Defence splitting pass/ dribble. None of that. He has reached is peak with us and we need and require better to get further on in this league. All other midfielders you can see real potential or have been better when fit so a great decision from Archie who once again shows he is not afraid to make the tough decisions!! IAWT
  11. Simply the best save I have ever seen in person! I hope the tv replay does it justice. In real time it was simple astonishing. REDNYELLARMY!!!!
  12. "Squad rotation" it's called now we are top 6!
  13. I have had similar problems that when I get to selecting seat page it's a blank page. I was trying to book tickets on my iPhone and told it was not compatible with iPhone!!!??? (Cause no one has one of those) I then tried my tablet and had the same issues... not compatible. -The only way I can top up my card/ buy a ticket is my very old laptop which is so old it is no longer supported by windows upgrades and th only reason I keep it now is to buy Thistle tickets. I phoned the club to give them a heads up regards this problem last season but nothing seems to have changed.
  14. Fair enough, thought it was a given that they both cant play so it's just azeez up front for me with Erskine playing off him in the no10 Marco VanRoberts role...