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  2. Connor Murray (QoS) apparently signing for us today.
  3. As an aside, last nights English Championship proves what can happen when you have patience and don’t cancel the season early. Going into the restart after lockdown none of the clubs in the bottom 5 were relegated last night, just shows you what might have been up here.
  4. Ricky Foster will be a good signing a good level of experience, dig and general all round shitehousery, and he has ability.
  5. Tom English has been fighting our corner from day one when we were voted down.
  6. FFS, what an absolute pile of shite this is, pity we have clowns like you as a so called supporter. Go watch someone else and do us all a favour and post your shite on their forums.
  7. Not fussed about him leaving. I know I’m getting carried away but watched the recent Jagscast with Thomas Cerny, sure he is out of contract at Aberdeen, would he consider a return to Firhill?
  8. It would be outstanding if due to some miraculous improvements in the current pandemic, the Premier League was able to resume and one of the f**kwit clubs who voted yes got relegated.
  9. We need to raise a legal challenge, if it prevents others getting cash so be it. None of those clubs gave a toss about the impending financial difficulties and job losses which will occur at Firhill because of the way they voted. So get it right up everyone of them. TAKE LEGAL ACTION NOW THISTLE.
  10. Agree re needing Williamson playing to deliver quality balls into the box for Graham/ Rudden, however I’m sure Scally said that he was likely going to be out long term perhaps even for the rest of the season.
  11. The Sun saying that County have agreed a fee with Hibs to sign Oli Shaw, that should hopefully clear the way for us to sign Graham tomorrow.