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  1. I'd say centre pairing of Conny & Gabby with Aaron M at RB. Jordan Mc moved to holding mid. Either that or Mark Kerr as a straight swap for Ozzy.
  2. Not a free agent, he was banking on a move to another English club that he didn't get. Can't find an article that references it.
  3. So far as I remember Archie said that we would be back in for the unidentified England based striker who wanted to wait until the English transfer window closed (24 hours later) for a preferred move to an English based club that didn't materialise.
  4. An established SPL side, good crowds and a league cup. I'll 'ave that. According to their fans their poor finish last season and start to this season was due in large part to a change of playing style to punting long balls to Thomson. I really do hope we pump them Saturday if only to hear Super Dan doing his referring to himself in the third person. That is comedy gold.
  5. FWIW, a few Dons fans I spoke to after the game said that so far we are the only team that hasn't come and parked the bus. Whilst I don't like shipping four goals - it should be no surprise to anyone that watched St J in the old first that a McInnes side would be hard to score against and clinical in their finish - I'm pleased that we played our game. The possession stats suggest that our mid wasn't as bad as is being suggested, we did test Langfield and Higginbotham almost made him look a bit of donkey with that long shot from the re-start. Could've have been different going in at half time as well had Gabri got his shot on target early on. Don't know why he didn't take any of the free kicks, he has a powerful shot.
  6. Aye, put out a weakened side and cede a few places and get less money. That wouldn't be muppetry in the least.
  7. Strange that ATS has never represented Scotland at any level. Left sided players with pace and a touch of skill are rare enough. He also played a substantial number of first team games for Montrose and Thistle before reaching 21, something that Wotte advocates tirelessly (or tiresomely if you follow him on Twitter). Is it another case of the SFA walking the walk but only watching and selecting from the establishment.
  8. Just happen to be working up there beginning of next week. Is there anywhere in particular folks will be taking a pint pre & post match?
  9. File under 'dull but worthy.' another good example of how far behind the new media the mainstream has fallen.
  10. Didn't realise that Lydia, or Laura Fraser who plays her, is from Glasgow.
  11. Squad rotation. Gives squad players a chance to show themselves/get game time and it means Archie has an even chance to field his preferred 11 for the league. I expect that if McMillan was fit SOD would also have been left out as would ATS if we had cover for that position. The risk of ET and pens must also have been a factor in resting players. The input of the physio and conditioning coach might also have played a part in identifying who to rest. These things weren't so much of an issue in the first div.
  12. Sometimes it's also a basic lack of ability to read a game and reverting to spouting tired clichés along the lines of 'so and so is honking' or suggesting a loan spell in the gulags.