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  1. Worst midfield performance for a long, long time. Fraser poor, Abdul awful, Lawless disappointing, Steveo terrible, Amoo... I'm running out of adjectives here.... Dools never combined with any of them and the full backs offered very little useful support. 2nd half better, but only because the hoof ball from the two centre backs (both of whom were pretty good at hoofing a ball, to be fair) to the big stripes napper of no.99 looked a bit more promising than the anodyne shotless pish of the first 45.
  2. Scotrail wnakers - are you watching this Lambie?
  3. WHY is it always "good money"? Personally, my funding for PTFC comes directly from my heroin supply business and child trafficking rackets. Bad money.
  4. I thought we were pretty decent tonight - although I appreciate that that opinion won't be too well received on here. Between 15 and 45 mins in particular we were really strong. Had we scored the couple of goals that our play merited we would have gone to win by a pile. yeh, frustrating that we were increasingly plodding in the face of the anti-football that the woeful St. Midden play, and annoying that we lacked the spark where it matters - but overall Thistle played okay tonight. The old cliche that we'll play worse and win does not ease the pain of the defeat - but it is true nonetheless. Look no further than that dreadful game down in Paisley a couple of months ago for an example of exactly that.
  5. hilarious. Their fans were torn-faced, *****-bawzed misery-guts.
  6. First, seems a bit off to actually pick one after Wed. night, as everybody was splendid. Second, if one is to be picked, it would of course be the 4-goal super-star... Or is it? I kinda thought last night that Lawless actually pipped Dools for the accolade, and having just watched the Alba highlights I think so even more strongly now. The wee beardy was incredible. Maybe his best ever performance - and given how many brilliant games he played in the year we won the First that is saying something. Perversely, that means that I would NOT have given the MoM to ANY of the 4-goal scorers I have seen for Thistle: for me the MoM in those games would be - Kinnaird in the 11-1 v. Rovers (he made 8 of them!) despite Cammy scoring 4 Gerry in the 6-2 v. Dundee (total legend that day) despite Shaw scoring 4 Lawless last night despite Dools scoring 4. Mind you, THAT back heel...
  7. this on okay? That was some pretty mighty snow tonight.
  8. the zombies were delighted. I made the terrible decision to get on the subway at Partick going into town at about 8:30 and it was reeking with filth. They were just so happy to have not been pumped by the Jambos for once. Total scum
  9. sigh... That is such old firm pish. The guy is a diddy but c'mon, we are Thistle: let's leave the conspiracy rubbish to the great unwashed.
  10. First we heard was when Maxi phoned the bus: about 5 minutes past 9. Well done him; saved us a pointless mega-journey (and £25...)
  11. Is that a wind up... or just a really weird post?
  12. Amazing, never-to-be-forgotten day. Weird favourite moment for me was the amazing THUD of that third goal as it smashed off the bottom of the bar behind Brill. Brill indeed.
  13. Absolutely amazing game. Well, the football was a bit crap, but it was SO intense. Particularly sweet to win to shut up the plastic paddies both on and off the pitch. All those Ireland fans with Scottish accents: Quisling twats.
  14. Christ, you can't say "bawb*g" now? What a pile of **** **** jobbies