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  1. Photo of Cameron celebrating his goal at Westfield in this weeks Falkirk Herald.
  2. Suprised at the Falkirk figures. What I hear is that they are in some financial difficulties. Martin Rennie spoke to the Falkirk Herald last week saying they cannot continue losing money and budgets must be cut. The club have also appointed 3 new directors to help with finances and the club is looking for 3000 fans to contribute £10 per month to help out. A friend of mine who is a bairns fan and knows someone who nows someone says the debt is horrendous. He told me a figure, but it might be better to keep it quiet at the moment.
  3. Ayr v Killie on BBC Scotland tonight
  4. I see the ref tried to stamp out players pinching yards at throw ins. In a recent game in England which was on TV . When a player stole about ten yards rather tell him to go back ,he informed him he must throw throw the ball backwards. Simple!
  5. Speaking to someone from the Fife Kingdom this morning snow only on high ground at this moment drizzle cold rain. So if game goes on and anybody is going rap up well or just watch it on the TV
  6. Mc Coll after 1 striker maybe 2 and 1 wide player. Must be better than we have. In todays Sunday Mail
  7. He said in one of his comments that he had a few ideas that he would like to put to the directors re the window. I wonder if he was considering a few swap deals. Say Murray and Gordon for Morrison of Falkirk.
  8. As Arbroath play in maroon do you think Stone thought he was passing it out to a Hearts player!
  9. Bobby put the drink down and go to bed
  10. I have heard that it is Brownlie who is out. They are saying out for four months. Rudden,Sena and Turner self isolating.
  11. I find it strange that managers pick players and then play them out of position. Mc Tominay to me is one of the best midfielders in Britain and in this moment of time even better than the much lauded Gilmour. But Clarke plays him as a defender, and if you go through most of the games he has played you will find, that he could have done better at some of the goals we have lost. Tierney's position is slightly different as he plays not the same but a similar role at Arsenal. Another point is that many of the goals scored in the Euro's start out wide with crosses into the box coming from the bye line and I think it would have been better if we had played a winger such as Forrest rather than another striker. But as we lost 5 goals at home then this team cannot continue and changes must be made but that is Mr Clarke's problem
  12. And what does that rhyme with?
  13. They had a place near the bottom of Sauchiehall street about opposite Lumleys and also one in Gordon Street. The Murray family are having a hard time of it at this moment but maybe later during the close season I will write chapter two.