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  1. Can you imagine if Celtic or Rangers hit a very bad spell through injuries and bad calls , that one of them finished at the bottom of the league, possibly with a game in hand and the league decided to called the end of the season. 'Fun and games with Andy James' As they used to say.
  2. Wonder if the problem with these clubs is the influx of foreign players. They will be living in digs or sharing a flat and it is not easy to stay in while living on your own. Jags players used to live at Kate's boarding house in Bishopbriggs, also along with players from various other clubs,
  3. Max doing the commentary on Jagzone. Everytime he had a cough I ducked!
  4. Why do we have so many Aberdeen connections on sportsound? I know Mr Gordon is head sports editor and a Aberdeen supporte,r but why do we have the Aberdeen manager, Willie miller and Cormack on the programme on many occasions. Last Saturday Miller, who was brought down from Aberdeen to the Glasgow studio, in awful weather, to give is spiel on the Scottish Government and then we have him to-night giving his personal opinion on the Government once again.
  5. Did anybody listen on radio Scotland to the game? did you hear Richard Gordon on the commentary? He started laughing and and in a way mocking players because of the mistakes they were making.[Both sides] Pretty poor from Radio Scotland.
  6. I think Kilmarnock had enough young players to play the game but Kilmarnock withdrew.
  7. He also said on another occasion 'That thistle would survive to the end of the season jf things stayed as they are.'
  8. I agree. This thread has developed into nothing about the Jags.
  9. Admin - This thread has gone political. Please close, so I can open Return to stadiums in December!
  10. Certainly not the system that the boy from Coatbridge is putting forward!
  11. Mark Millar an Albion Rovers fan but better known as the person who brought comic strip Kick-Ass etc to the big screen in Hollywood, seeing the plight of clubs in the lower leagues due to covid, formed a group of his friends in the film world to devise a streaming system. The system they developed uses robots and artificial intelligence to power cameras around the ground without the use of large broadcast teams. It can be relayed around the world. 22 of the 30 lower league teams have signed up. one of which is supposed to be the Jags
  12. Seems their is a lot of medical scientists amongst us. Do they know anything about football?