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  1. That was a nightmare season, It was injury after injury, we lost our full backs with broken ankles, then Osman broke his shoulder blade and that was him out for most of the season. It was rumoured that the player chosen to take his place would not play as a defence midfielder. We then lost the only centre back who could head the ball clear from set pieces. One day he just vanished and then we found he just buggered off back to Coventry for a better deal. Tomas who had been carrying an foot injury for quite a while, finally gave up and we had to play Scully for the last few games, who we all knew was not up to it. We patched Tomas up for the play-off, but this back-fired.
  2. I am in the priority group. I go for my first jab next Thursday and my second in early April.
  3. One manager saying he will need at least 2 weeks after the3 week lockdown to get his team match fit.
  4. You wonder how some of the posters on here support Partick Thistle!
  5. He was highly rated a few years ago and rated a top prospect. I hear he was injured at ES
  6. Ian must make the big decision and bin a few players at the window. I know injuries have not helped but as they say it's a results business. What;s the use of keeping players that are no just good enough? I hope Rudden gets a large fine from the club and is also dropped for a few games. We can't afford players to carry on like that. Falkirk are not a great team but it's going to be hard to catch them if we don't sort things out.
  7. The system we are playing at the moment is not working, , as a matter of fact it has not worked for the last 3 years. Playing in the 3rd tier means not playing tippy tappy football , but playing fast direct. We need 2 fast direct wingers and a fast striker and if that means getting rid of a few of our established players then so be it . I know what I am asking will not happen, .But lets change things around, first of all move Foster to right back and for the moment put Penrice back to left back, and as long we are not fattening up Sena to be sold, put him into the mid field. We have plenty of centre backs to cover, If we are going to stick with Williamson at RB then you need to give him the ball as his first kick of the ball is is last kick. The time he gets his cross in the opposing defence has set it self up. When he plays the one two with Cardle, then Joe has to play the ball into the box right away instead of half a dozen passes around the box. Get it sorted Ian!
  8. Just about the same size as Messi and the late Diego Maradona
  9. There is a lad playing for Inverness who is on loan from Rangers called Kia Kennedy. The loan at the moment is only till the end of this month. This lad is going to be the next star of Scottish football. Get him and and a fast striker and the league would be ours.
  10. It has been announced in the Scottish Parliament today that Jags fan and Maryhill MP has passed away.
  11. Doncaster is sitting on a million pounds which should have been split between the clubs by now. When questioned about it, he said we are waiting for the auditors to clear it before paying out. Was he hoping for the SG to give them money as well? Quite a few of the premier clubs spent a bit of money at the beginning of season with Aberdeen being one of the main culprits. Remember Governments don't have any money, the money the give out is ours.
  12. Great items on our sponsors charity fundraising for pancreatic cancer. Details on official site, ends 10pm tonight. Something we could think about in the future?
  13. The wealthy gent has only taken a share of Falkirk and does not own it. He is not recognised for putting his hand in his pocket, but transformed an English lower league club, The stadium is owned by the Falkirk council or the Falkirk Community trust who have offices in it.
  14. Wonderful result but lets remember we have just won the Championship. The premier league is in front of us. Bring it on!