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  1. Hangers on. Hingers hanging on. One shilling to hang on to a rope in the doss house in the old days.
  2. Bobby all you need to do and this goes for others on this forum, is hand the computer, phone etc over to your nearest and dearest till at least 3 days after each game when we lose or draw. this can be returned to you along with the key to the padlocked fridge when we win. Take care son, once a Jag always a Jag.
  3. What we need is money. We have never had any., then you can have a good manager and good coaching.
  4. Although I am in favour of premier clubs colts playing in our leagues, I think league 2 would be far enough. I think just limiting to the old firm would be a grave error, and it must be open to all premier club that wished to join. If your are like me, who sometimes went up to see stenny or East Stirling, you would find that most of the players players were much older than the players we have just signed. For the good of Scottish football, we must create greater openings for younger players. I don't know if it is still operating, but a few years ago the SFA or the SPFL, brought out a scheme offering grants to clubs who played youngsters in the first team. When I asked for details, I was told it was just available to Premier clubs. When you look at the players who not only made the grade, but went on to represent the country from the lower divisions, It was my opinion, this was the wrong decision.
  5. Great interview. It's time everybody on here got behind him and the team till the end of the season.
  6. What you have got to ask, what do you want? Erskine or a 17 or 18 year old from the old firm?
  7. You can only get what you can afford
  8. He was on TV a couple of weeks ago and gave the impression that he would like to move back to the central area. I think he said his partner was a teacher and that's why he would like to return here.
  9. Not transfer related but re Hibs. At 3pm ref blew his whistle, Hibs player passed the ball back and then found all the players had taken the knee!
  10. Re Spitall His loan deal finished a couple of days ago, therefore he returned to RC. There was hope he would return to the Jags when the season restarted. No need to rubbish the club at every turn.
  11. That was a nightmare season, It was injury after injury, we lost our full backs with broken ankles, then Osman broke his shoulder blade and that was him out for most of the season. It was rumoured that the player chosen to take his place would not play as a defence midfielder. We then lost the only centre back who could head the ball clear from set pieces. One day he just vanished and then we found he just buggered off back to Coventry for a better deal. Tomas who had been carrying an foot injury for quite a while, finally gave up and we had to play Scully for the last few games, who we all knew was not up to it. We patched Tomas up for the play-off, but this back-fired.
  12. I am in the priority group. I go for my first jab next Thursday and my second in early April.
  13. One manager saying he will need at least 2 weeks after the3 week lockdown to get his team match fit.
  14. You wonder how some of the posters on here support Partick Thistle!