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  1. There has been no contact to the PTFC Trust from any party.
  2. eljaggo, your point will be covered in the PTFC Trust update that will be on the website tomorrow. This was to go up on Monday but it is the club's website & they have comms plans, which are fluid considering it is during the transfer window. I believe Pauline has been very responsive to all of your queries recently & it is great that you are taking such an interest in the Trust. JJ, what are you asking for, is that not what the Jags Trust has? I don't think I have ever been a member so I am not criticising the Jags Trust at all but I would imagine they have their own written constitution, they've held elections in the past, yet they have little credibility or influence with the supporters (based on widespread opinion) or the club (based on little interaction taking place between the 2, as far as I am aware). End of the day, that mechanism for fan engagement has failed & maybe it's time to try a new approach. Please come & chat to the Trustees at a home/away game, or at the next open meeting with supporters, or my seat is HH110. I am happy to answer questions on this forum but more in depth debates I would rather not have over a keyboard, the Trustees are making every effort to be visible to supporters. Disappointingly, we have only had 1 person approach us at Firhill over the past 2 games. That offer is open to anyone & I am sure the rest of the supporters trustees feel the same way.
  3. Yes, club have advised the PTFC Trust update will now be posted on Wednesday.
  4. Should be on the website tomorrow.
  5. Do you think? I would imagine we would be about breaking even, may be well off the mark but on the face of it I don't think we'll be much worse off. Again guessing, but you'd imagine Scobbie & Erskine would be on decent wages. Out: Quitongo, Storer, Jefferies, Scobbie, Erskine. In: Roy, Saunders, Mansell, Harkins, Hazard, Cardle, Bannigan.
  6. We raise the questions & topics raised to us by the fans. We are also all supporters so have our own thoughts, some of which will match the questions raised by supporters & some will be different. Supporters set the agenda for the conversations that take place.
  7. Timeline on this, although we meet with the board tomorrow, formal minutes should be received by the end of the week & we will work to get these on the Thistle website/Trust fb page asap. So over the weekend or Monday at the latest, assuming the timelines stated hold up, which they have to date.
  8. The PTFC Trust has several formal ways to be contacted; the email address mentioned above, Facebook & Twitter (both @ptfctrust). These are the communication channels that are actively monitored & fed back to the club at meetings. This forum, although useful & used by myself off & on for many years, is not linked to the PTFC Trust in any way & is not the best place to contact the Trustees.
  9. May have been lost during the conversation but posting the Trust Deed on the website has been raised to the Club & should be visible in the coming weeks.
  10. The topic of a supporters rep has been mentioned previously & is one that will be raised again in the very near future, the results of these conversations will of course be fed back to supporters. In my opinion, the Trust needs to build credibility with supporters before this will happen & this is something the Trustees are trying to do but this does require feedback & buy-in from the wider fanbase. As I said previously, it has to be the ultimate goal of the Trust.
  11. The Supporters Trustees of the PTFC Trust will have a pop up stall in the concourse of the Jackie Husband Stand tomorrow from 2pm. This will be repeated in the John Lambie Stand/Aitken Suite over the upcoming weeks. Please pop by before the game!
  12. In regards to a fans seat on the board, this has to be the ultimate goal & it would make sense for this to come from the PTFC Trust in some way over time. It is great to see posts about the Trust on here & fans taking an interest in how it is run, how it could be improved & what should be its goals over x period of time. I can only encourage those that have posted and those that have read posts here to engage further with the Trust through Facebook/Twitter (@ptfctrust) or by emailing [email protected] & I would say most importantly by attending the open meetings held quarterly which will be advertised via website/social media/matchday programme. It is the supporters that need to drive the agenda, I really believe this is the best opportunity the supporters have had in a long time to engage with the Club through the vehicle afforded to us by the generosity of the Weirs. Yes: https://ptfc.co.uk/club/football-trust/ https://ptfc.co.uk/club/whos-who/ptfc-trust/
  13. There is no 'election' to become a Co-Opted Trustee, standard practice I would suggest. An election did recently take place, where all season ticket holders who met the voting criteria as set out in the Trust Deed, were invited to vote & made aware of the vote via post/email. The results of this were published in Saturdays matchday programme.
  14. Details were published in a recent matchday programme & on the PTFC Trust Facebook /Twitter pages.
  15. Given building work is supposed to be well underway before the end of the season (operational by July), it will be clear well before the league season ends what the state of play is.