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  1. Are the size of transactions within Scottish football really large enough that this could be done on a significant level at Thistle? Seems unlikely to me. If they intended to go down the periodic Italian road (for example no specific imputation of Italy as more or less corrupt than anywhere else) of inflated transfer fees for the accounts that don't reflect the actually player's genuine worth. you'd probably want a feeder club where bigger fees were more usual.
  2. You'd hope so, sorting that may also be at least partly to blame for late signing
  3. Interviews are going rapidly downhill. Full of statements of the interviewer's opinion/bland platitudes/party line thrown at the interviewee with a handover line giving no option for whoever it is to express anything in the way of an actual opinion of their own. "Blair we're looking forward to the Irn Bru cup game on Tuesday against Stranraer it's a game we want to win isn't it?" from today's preview for instance. Hardly likely to answer with "Not looking forward to it at all, meaningless mickey mouse cup and I'd rather get knocked out sharpish" is he.
  4. A more solid defence and more likelihood of getting another chance if you miss one should be good for his confidence which was clearly shot to pieces by the later stages of last season.
  5. Your account's been hacked? Positive start to the rebuild, more please.
  6. Equally, we would have been a week behind teams whose position was known in being able to do anything about players on that list. Likely as not most of the signings that happened already were as good as done deals before we were in a position to do anything and were just waiting for the formalities to be finalised. So, unless we desperately wanted anyone recently signed and were willing to overpay them, we were probably not going to be in the running and no one signed so far by Championship rivals comes into the must have category that I can see.
  7. A - 4,3,1,2 B - 2,1,3,4 C - 1,3,2,4 D - 1,3,4,2 E - 1,2,3,4 F - 1,2,4,3 G - 1,4,3,2 H - 3,1,4,2
  8. Bottom-six fixtures in full Saturday 21 April, 2018 Dundee v St Johnstone Partick Thistle v Hamilton Academical Ross County v Motherwell Saturday 28 April, 2018 Hamilton Academical v Ross County – Live on Sky Sports, 12.30pm Motherwell v Dundee St Johnstone v Partick Thistle Friday 4 May, 2018 Partick Thistle v Ross County – Live on BT Sport, 7.45pm Saturday 5 May, 2018 Dundee v Hamilton Academical – Live on Sky Sports, 12.30pm Motherwell v St Johnstone Tuesday 8 May, 2018 Hamilton Academical v St Johnstone, 7.45pm Partick Thistle v Motherwell, 7.45pm Ross County v Dundee, 7.45pm Saturday 12 May, 2018 Dundee v Partick Thistle Motherwell v Hamilton Academical St Johnstone v Ross County
  9. Through gritted teeth whichever I pick here. Celtic FTOF.
  10. Through gritted teeth I'll have to be tactical and pick Kilmarnock.
  11. Two forays into European competitions (62-63 Fairs Cup and 72-73 UEFA cup) other than the Intertoto malarkey (and frankly that gave the opportunitiy for two great trips Mickey Mouse competition or not) must be about time for another one mind you.