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  1. Jagzone far better value if for most clubs the live stream from away games is using the Pixellot system...
  2. Sorry to hear that, that's pretty poor - hopefully you'll get compensation for that.
  3. Yes, you should be able to login right now, when you have you'll see your name and the code you used up near the top right of the screen if it was successful (I've blocked out my details where they appear with the green rectangle).
  4. Thanks to Junior finally got logged in - the code not being in upper case was the problem. The ticket site has it in a mix of upper and lower case letters. The original email from the club was not clear on this but can see the website now mentions it.
  5. Coverage was better today than the previous 3 games but don't think it was worth £10. If you were walking up to the ground it would probably have been a £10 admission fee. The very low frame rate was pretty annoying but presume it's all being done as cheap as possible / bandwidth limitations. I noticed Clyde who were using the same Pixellot system as us in the last few weeks had reduced their price to £6 today for the Dumbarton game. Wondering what they'll be charging next week....
  6. Looks like the club know the current system isn't up to scratch. Manually operated cameras for the Queens Park game, fingers crossed it works out. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/streaming-update-3/
  7. Site back up but link is now just a rerun of the first half. Really disappointing experience
  8. I've tried starting a new browser window and can get onto the site OK no problem. I'm on BT, wondering if this is a problem with whoever is your ISP not able to serve up the page / site.
  9. I can get on the site but it's unwatchable, the feed is too dark. There isn't even a direct link as it's some sort of embedded Vimeo stream this time rather than the YouTube link
  10. Friday's game v Hearts to be shown live, don't know kick off time though https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/streaming-update/
  11. Cut out for me twice, once around 30 minutes and then at half time.
  12. "Red and Yellow are the colours we love..."
  13. Now here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXGOwh8lj8w
  14. Thanks, just after posting found it but this link now seems to be down. Maybe they're setting up the camera with new link for the second half for the "zoom" level experiment they mentioned.
  15. Hi, Watching Thistle V Ayr game stream, vast improvement over BSC game but it's just cut out for me. Anyone else having the same issue?