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  1. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2215597422?view=permalink&id=10154921908207423
  2. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2215597422?view=permalink&id=10154921908207423
  3. No he's still at Hurlford United And also works at a haulage firm in kilmarnock
  4. Unfortunately for me I have to head to a pub tommorow to watch the game as my ships in port Any fellow jags fans in Aberdeen Tommorow night know the best place to watch the game??
  5. jonboy


    He has passed all his coaching badges. Just waiting for the right role I suppose.
  6. jonboy


    Training with Hurlford Utd now. Do you think he would make a good striking coach at Firhill. Think he would make a good addition to the staff. Good for moral support as well. Thoughts please.
  7. Regarding distribution.I Was handing them out in the Jackie husband stand and with care and due diligence made sure each and everyone was issued 1 per person. I Had the usual greedy fans who where looking for 2 and 3 more just to satisfy those season ticket holders that elected to stay at home. Producing their season ticket as a means of obtaining extra. Well for me I stuck to 1 per person and explained that extra boxes were getting held back for just such a case.Thought we did well to last up until kick off before they ran out.
  8. Just featured on Sky news this morning as well
  9. jonboy


    seen on the P&B site he come out of A&E Tuesday night on crutches. Plastic pitch injury!!
  10. I can see Hamilton seriously losing form and start slipping down the League.
  11. As Kennedy Famously said "I believe that this club should commit itself, Of achieving the goals By sending a man to Mottram Hall. And returning them safely to Maryhill. !! " or something along those lines
  12. "It's Never Too Late!" Great title for the dvd also!!