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  1. my mrs has had a series of mini strokes. each 1 made her worse. gradually just chipped away at her. shedoesnt recognise who I am any more its very hard.has anyone else went thru this n can give me some advice n helpea wae it?
  2. whoever gets it, sort out the catering
  3. we had a crackin away top when he played. looked like an inter milan top
  4. well enjoy them mate. make sure u take them. well enjoy them all! i'm retired now. so cn keep travelling about. i want to go to papau new guinea n fiji when i'm at australia
  5. That's a lot of weeks. are u a teacher or somethin lol. i'm goin to the cayman islands for two weeks, then over to austrailia to stay wae my twin bro for a month
  6. i'm no gawn to inverness. no giein they photocopies my money. think i'll go watch st roch's v royal albert.
  7. please don't call me names, i'm a 59yr old man and i'm still into crying. i'm the sensitive sort. See how stupid it looks when a man cries? whos the cretin now?
  8. once again, you're bringing up the gay stuff, tormented by gay thoughts in that closet of yours. Stop fantasising about me being gay. Stop flirting with me. it'll never happen
  9. henderson was a great player for us. dunno about the kid. hope he's ok
  10. taxi drivers or aliens wouldnt have the baws to try to murder/abduct me.
  11. Boy Jordan Brown who i know was at Hamilton. He's a goalkeeper n the got rid of him coz he's 5'10 n in their opinion, too short. Now playing junior and has several First Div clubs looking at him as hes a tremendous goalkeeper. 1 Hamilton let slip thru the net. he's still only 19 and i think he's capable of keeping goal in the prem div in a few yrs time. This height thing they have in scotland is stupid. rather play a team full of tall nobodies.
  12. Taking out loans to pay off loans. Payday Provvy loan scum. Not long til their stocking their pie stall from a foodbank.
  13. Thats not wise. u'd just get fined so the racist is winning twice.
  14. Personally. i thnk the boy needs to man up. he's 17 ffs n blabbing like a big tart. it's only words at the end of the day. If someone racially abused me it wid motivate me to play the game of my life and stuff his team.