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  1. It's Fir Park...the building in the back ground is Knowetop Primary School.
  2. Kenny McDowall scoring v Manchester City 5th August 1984. The City goalie is/was Alex Williams.
  3. A similar survey was published in 2000, at which point we were the 8th most successful club since the leagues began, and the highest placed team to have never won the league.
  4. Ember


    Not strictly true: an 'independent' citing officer (4th official) has that function.
  5. Alan Mackin, John Donnelly, Gordon Smith v Dumbarton 9/8/86
  6. Bobby Dickson was also a teacher at the time at Thomas Mur High in Bishopbriggs. He left Queens Park to sign for first Clyde and then Queen of the South.
  7. The Warriors' average gate has trebled since leaving Firhill despite having a smaller capacity at Scotstoun.
  8. Ember


    Fox 1.72 Gallagher 1.66
  9. Ember


    Sorry, but that isn't true. He was only substituted once all season; against St Mirren (09/11).
  10. Ember


    Average goals conceded per game with Piccolo 2.28 Average goals conceded per game without Piccolo 1.33 Now that's not to say he was the only one at fault, but the defence as a unit was weaker with him.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maryhill_Central_railway_station
  12. Maybe because it was at half time of the 2nd Hampden game that season in December.