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  1. Ninety-five percent of them were slow floaters..... bread and butter stuff for central defenders and goalies.
  2. Run about and make sure your most of your passes are sideways or backwards and you're well in at Firhill.
  3. Agreed, not only an over-reliance on cross ball, but they were almost all slow, floaty crosses, on which anybody who even managed to get on the end of would not be able to generate any power in a header. A pretty useless tactic. It's maybe time to give Graham some bench time. I'll add a word about Foster. To me he seems slow, and on several occasions he failed to get in a cross or pass because he was half a second too slow with his kick, letting the opposition block it.
  4. Docherty, Graham, Rudden: all three with first touches that make them look like they've never played football before. Having said that, some of the passes they received from other players were also overhit, or underhit, just a general symptom of our useless passing game. First guy: "That b*stard gave me the the ball, what for? Now what'll I do? I know: get rid of it, there's somebody a couple of yards beside me, he can have it." Other guy: "Have it back." First guy: "Oh feck,..... I'm puntin' this, then it's not my problem."
  5. I thought Mayo had a good game, looked more comfortable than Holt.
  6. Ain't got time right now, but really looking forward to reading all of that!
  7. That's a nice afterthought to leave the stadium with....
  8. Thanks for that information, EKJII. I was starting to wonder why my copy hadn't yet arrived at the delivery address I gave them. Does anybody know if the various memorabilia packages by the club have been sent out yet?
  9. Just watched the highlights. Sneddon: can't "blame" him for the first, because how can you "have done better" when the ball is completely out of your reach. Blameless also for the third. Now, the second goal: I'd love to see an interview where he gets asked what was going through his mind. Why not just put your hands up and either catch the f'n' ball or punch it out for a shy? Why just run, turn, stand and watch? Not just our keepers that appear dodgy: the whole defensive set-up looks fragile.
  10. I defended Sneddon before, and scathed Stone after the Arbroath fiasco. Sneddon now has to be dropped after that; let Stone start and try to do well. Next time he f*cks up, we go back to Sneddon. Neither of them is a great keeper, so at least let's try do do what's best for the team. Crucial mistakes: out. Shut-outs or blameless for goals lost: keep your place. Simple. Won three, lost two.... starting look like a middle of the table team.
  11. It's definitely Raith Rovers. Must be Kircaldy, as it definitely ain't Firhill. Sharp's the only one I recognize.
  12. An oldie, back when boots and baws were real leather.
  13. So many people I know (including family members) have been pinged within a couple of hours of being in the company of people who've tested positive. So, what's your solution for a "better track and trace" ? ( I won't dwell on the obscene f*ck ups by Westminster to get a super-duper system up and running.... No questions asked in the media about where the millions of pounds went, of course. Was it 37 million? My guess is that an investigative journalist would find some very embarrassing connections.... if there were any more investigative journalists in the so-called United Kingdom.) What's the "forcing" by the Scottish government? People can choose. And what "offers" do you suggest, keeping in mind that many people have come forward for vaccination without getting "offered" anything except some protection? If the Scottish government now "offers" something, some people (maybe including you?) will scream about unfairness and/or bribery. In the words of Kurt Vonnegut: And so it goes.
  14. So, what's your solution? Do nothing? Do something? If something, what?
  15. In other words, no excuses when/if it goes t*ts up like at Arbroath.
  16. I might be partly responsible, but the downward trajectory of most of these puns is truly regrettable. Can we start with a clean slate? (For those who know their snooker tables.)
  17. So don't be shy: What do you want?
  18. Bit of irrelevant trivia: I have a flat in the Museum Hall in Bridge of Allan. Bought it years ago 'cos I worked at Stirling Uni, but the main reason was that the Beatles played there in 1963! If I sold it I'd probably get more from a Japanese buyer than one in Britain! Anyway, please stay on the motorway up to Dunblane roundabout. What used to be a quiet wee main road through BofA is now sometimes a nightmare of lorries, caravans, motorbikes, coaches, cars,... and the occasional horse.
  19. Just a couple of thoughts: the media have been screaming for the country to return to normal. Bars, restaurants, travel companies, all screaming at the government that this is armageddon unless everybody can go back to being normal. And the media pumps this out (especially in Scotland, where the media is controlled by anti-Scottish concerns). Those who oppose the government jump on the bandwagon. Not surprisingly, as a result of relaxation of "rules," infection rates go up, and then those same people are in fact happy to scream at the government that they are not doing enough. The government then suggests some kind of filtering system so that only vaccinated people can attend certain events. Those same screamers then say this is like North Korea, or the nazis: you need to carry ID, or you need to be "forcibly" vaccinated. And ask the screamers (none of whom actually know much, other than what they read on their favourite websites) what they would do: you get laughable suggestions, biased or frankly outrageous examples, or silence. Enjoy the game tomorrow everybody, if it's on.
  20. You're right, unfortunately, but hopefully they'll be on the other side of the road!
  21. At least the days when there might be 20,000 or so of them clogging up the roads for a game in Perth are long gone. The ground only holds 10,000 or so, and around half of the crowd will probably be from around Perth and further north.
  22. The weather forecast looks pretty atrocious for Inverness tomorrow.
  23. The poster in question feels the need to vent anti-Scottish government (some might say anti-Scotland) verbiage on a regular basis.