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Exactly one year on from 'The Fallen', this sister-piece takes on the tough challenge of identifying and writing about all the Partick Thistle players or managers who served and survived in either of the two World Wars. This is easier said than done.

There are memorials and Rolls of Honour to the Fallen, but the vast majority of those who returned went back to their families and got on with their lives. There is not so much information available on them, and it has seemed like an open-ended and nebulous task. With this in mind this record of those who served will undoubtedly change in time, as family members get in touch, or other information becomes available. If we're missing anyone please do let us know!

Not all of these men won the Scottish Cup with Partick Thistle (some did), and not all were decorated with military medals (some were) but, on the eve of remembrance day 2022, it's our great honour to pay tribute to 69 of our brave men...

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In 1914 and 1939, Partick Thistle FC was one of the many clubs whose players and former players became soldiers, sailors and airmen, and not all of them came home.

Since 'The Partick Thistle Fallen' was published one year ago, it's been discovered that three fringe/reserve Jagsmen - Alec Logan, Thomas Shemwell & James Maxwell - were all servicemen who died during the First World War. On remembrance day, the article is duly updated, now featuring the seventeen men who sacrificed their lives.

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