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  1. I heard a rumour we have signed an Irish player who is supposed to be really good, apparantly Mcnamara watched him once and said hes better than anyone we have. (which might not be saying much!). I also heard he was meant to play in a bounce game vs rangers but mcnamara withdrew him incase rangers tried to sign him first. Anyone else heard about this? Does sound like bollox to be honest but we could do with some good news after saturday!
  2. Cheers for putting this up some happy memories there, great season! One that sticks out was the win away to Inverness on the 8th december, two late goals from Hardie. You can see me on the video behind the goal going mental after Hardie's second, still makes me laugh watching it!
  3. I remember being at firhill for a midweek game vs livi, they brought 42 fans there're away support is a joke.
  4. I posted something similar a few months ago asking what was happening with the ground and noone replyed either. which was nice.
  5. Great game! Think it was Juan Sara who dived for their pen, remember going absoulutely mental when Gibson scored
  6. I work next to shawfield its a total dump these days. The terracing thats still there is big but would need a lot of money spent on it to make it safe for fans and the main stand is falling apart. Would probably be cheaper bringing Cathkin park up to standard!
  7. I've got a ticket for this and was thinking of taking my 4 year old who i take to firhill with me. I was wondering if anyone knows if there's going to be much for the kids to do? I would like to take her along with me but if shes bored it will be a nightmare!!
  8. He'll probably sign for dundee.
  9. I agree with you 2x 3000 stands and 2x 1000 would be a lot better. I wonder if we'd be better off selling up and building a new ground, we'd probably get a decent amount of money being fairly close to the west end. I don't think there was anything wrong with building the JH 6000+, at the time the potential of the club was huge but doesn't really suit now.
  10. Has anyone got any drawings/artists impressions etc, of what the plans are for the city end of Firhill and the main stand? I heard the main stand will be turned into one row of seats with something similar at the city end? If this is true i think it will be a total disaster for Firhill
  11. What do you think the "off the field developments" are?
  12. I've also heard this from a reliable source
  13. Love this photo as well, the guy praying is brilliant! A good idea the club selling these to raise funds, i'd def buy one.