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  1. oops don't know what happened there
  2. I am probably stating the bleeding obvious but I don’t hear many others, especially from those who can or should do something about it. Scotland is not producing enough youngsters, in all sports, from grassroots level to compete at the highest level. We are an unhealthy nation. Our children are some of the most unfit and obese, as are their parents, in the world. Okay we do produce some top sports people but they are in individual competitor sports and often they have to go abroad at an early age to progress. We are duff in all national team games. What else can we expect but less than mediocracy. There is no point blaming the Scotland manger or the current group of players. I think they are trying to the best of their ability. The problem has to be fixed at grassroots. </font></p>
  3. Just received a text from Tomas. Yes me. Is that no nice.
  4. I don't usually go to OF matches at Firhill but am actually looking forward to once more sitting in the Main Stand. In the event if I choose not to go to any of the OF games I'd be happy if there was a way of letting the club know that my seat was available for them to sell. Every little helps. Someone else said that phrase.
  5. And what about teams or individual players who play a good passing game but are said to have no “end product”. Jeezo what’s wrong with simply saying they can’t scores goals, or even, can’t find the net. Can you imagine saying to your mates, great, Taylor has found his end product touch. Strange. They had it in their locker and they set out their stall but unfortunately the end product has gone missing.
  6. The name of the pundit escapes me for moment but I cringe when I hear said about a player that "he's done ever so well".
  7. In most walks of life any infringement of "the rules" is punished on the basis was there any attempted to gain an advantage or it can be shown that a genuine administrative error was made. An easy judgement can be made in this case. But as we all know that Uefa and Fifa orbit in an entirely different universe.
  8. I wonder what professional footballers think of artificial pitches. I can’t think of any player who has either criticised or praised plastic pitches. Seems to me they are a bit reticent about voicing an opinion. Has anyone on here ever spoken to a player about plastic vs grass?
  9. I tried to renew my season ticket online just a few minutes ago. There appears to be a credit card only option. I don’t have a credit card but none-the-less proceeded with my Visa Debit card, but with no joy. I got an error report talking about a certificate and some sort of security issue. It would be really unusual if you can’t use a debit card. Though I suspect it's the same problem as westertonjagan
  10. Well done mate. Personally I wouldn’t have the bottle to confront these two cretins. Quite a few seasons ago I had a similar situation, though there was no actual aggression towards other fans. Emailed the club about the ninety minutes of over the top obscene language. The very next game it was sorted. Football grounds must be about the last place where individuals in a confined space feel they are entitled to behave in a way that would be totally unacceptable in other places. You know the attitude, worked hard all week am entitled to go to the football and let off steam. Even in the most raucous of pubs you’d be out the door.
  11. I used to have a couple of morons near my grandson and me. They were loud mouthed abusive cretins who swore almost constantly for ninety minutes. The limit for me was when they started to shout “I hope you die of cancer” you so and so. I emailed the club with their row and seat number. I think Brian had word with them. Sorted.
  12. When approaching Firhill and away grounds I usually see a fair number supporters heading in the opposite direction. They are no doubt heading to down a few hurried pints before the game. And quite right too if that’s what they fancy. I suspect very few of those fans ever get to see a kick-off but that won’t stop them complaining about queuing when they rush to get through the turnstile at the last minute before the whistle goes for KO. Personally I like to be at my seat in time to see the teams finalising their warm up and watching the match officials practicing their running backwards exercise. But then again am easily amused.
  13. Mmm. Thought it created a nice football match atmosphere (someone must have done) in the JHS without anyone even trying. Well no it didn’t. Turn it off. It’s as annoying as the piped laughing in a duff TV comedy show.
  14. Two home games switched and three away games. Silly me I should have expected that.
  15. My first game of the season is on 14th September. Not good. Anyone else the same.