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  1. Don't worry guys Donald Trump on his way over to make the SPFL great again lol. More important things just now guys other than football . We are thistle we will be back **** yer auld firm **** the SPFL mon the jags . Stay safe everyone xx
  2. The draw for the fourth round of the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Cup will be made on Tuesday September 10 at 12.30pm . October 12/13.
  3. I would love if he proved me wrong jaggernaut . But it's not going to happen. It's not the losing 3 games it's they way we lost . He has had no impact what so ever . Sadly I hope we get a heavy defeat to finish him of . I think if he gets anything out the game it will just prolong the inevitable. I no that is a negative attitude but I cant believe what I am watching.
  4. And what did the board consider when employing this dick didn't have a great record . How blew away is the chairman with gary's interview now . Doesn't matter if we get relegated it's archie's fault . What's your thoughts.
  5. Wal manager is a dick and its still archie' fault unbelievable . A think the problem is a lot of fans wanted archie sacked which is fair enough but they don't want to criticize the new manager. The board got it wrong the managers tactics are wrong he can't motivate the team so all the board and some fans have is it's archie's fault . Doesn't matter who is right or wrong here we are in trouble the board is flapping the manager is a ***** . How long do you think we should put up with this ?
  6. All she is saying is the board made an arse of it . The board will continue spouting there shite to us as long as there are idiots that accept there shite. What a mess everyone has let them no how we feel on saturday. We accept her speaking to us like fools then we are doomed .
  7. He didn't sign them . He is was given the job to motivate the team and enhance there performance . Anyone who has seen the 3 games a don't think can put up a argument that he has failed . As for archie everyone been spouting there shite about the last 18 months. They board kept him on he had 7 games and was sacked . So he clearly was sacked after 7 games and replaced with a ***** . So archie won 3 games lost 4 and was sacked . So how many games do we give this ***** . I say no points on saturday sack him along with those who gave him the job .
  8. The new manger brought in to enhance the team's performance. He has done nothing if anything we are worse . Give him Saturday's game if we get nothing out of it sack him along with those who gave him the job . Do not accept this shite.
  9. Sweet jesus he missed staying up by 1 point .my gripe is a lot of people on here still blaming archie. Mostly the ones that wanted him sacked . We have f**ked up he has to go now we wait another 5 games were doomed
  10. Anyone who has been to all 3 of his games must be able to see he is clueless. And archie got sacked after 7 games . Not 18 months of underachieving . The board admits it never invested in the team joint lowest budget with hamilton . Won the league kept us there for five season's and he is underachieving what more do u want .
  11. Why we sacked archie after 7 games. Stopped being archie's fault when caldwell took over. The board never invested in team then gave the job to this idiot .
  12. Different league better opposition .common I was talking this season what goes for one has to for another . Before it's to late
  13. Good shout laukat am with you mate
  14. Am up for that archie had 7 games 3 wins 4 defeats am sure it was .
  15. Just like to read the forum just couldn't listen to anymore shite. Anyone who has seen the 3 games he was in charge of is deluded if they can't see what is happening we are going down. He has to go now before it's to late