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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQkDRcNTK68
  2. I dunno who is fit and available... but Cerny Elliot Keown Cargill Booth Woods Osman Spittal Erskine Lawless Doolan It's easier said than done but we cannot afford to over think things now. This is it. Time for action and getting our priorities straight is crucial. We are 1 goal down. WE NEED GOALS and cannot afford to give any away. Back 6 - Keep shape, talk to each other, DEFEND, control then find front 4. Forward 3 - Find space, make space, ATTACK SPACE. On and off the ball, all the ******* time... ******* move! ....and **** pissing about getting in the box. FIND SPACE! Anywhere from 25yards turn and SHOOT! Doolan - Poach. Remain calm patient, focussed, determined and.... For fugsache.... GEEEZ A SHIFT!
  3. Hit, after hit, after hit, after hit..... Here's to his greatest yet to come!
  4. Splendid TJR. He's not a legend... He's a bona fide living hero!
  5. Yes. Stated the obvious. My point is that the solution to clear problem is not as obvious as some on here are suggesting.
  6. Between Ross county 9th september and Hearts 19th November we won 11 points from 10 league games under the management of Alan Archibald.
  7. Does anyone on here think it's likely that if we let Archie go we might replace him with a guy who has managed English Premiership and Championship clubs, worked as assistant manager and first team coach for Jose Mourinho, Ruud Gullit, Kenny Dalglish, Gianfranco Zola, been part of coaching and management teams who have won multiple English league titles and cups ... and hand him sufficient cash in this budget to sign a 30 year old free agent midfielder with well over 100 EPL appearances, former player of the year at his club, who was valued at over £5million at one point in his career, before suffering injury which has stunted his appearances for 2 years and was injured while his club was relegated from the premiership.... .. or is it more likely we might get someone of the Owen Coyle calibre, who in his last 4 managerial appointments has a win % ratio lower than our current gaffer's and who since joining Ross county in september has won 3 matches in 10, lost 5 and drawn 2, seeing the club fall from 10th to 11th place in the league. ... ?
  8. In mitigation, they could argue they were protecting members of the public who had paid for a seat to watch the football from having their view obscured and their free movement about the stadium hindered. While verbal negotiation should have been exhausted and then the matter left to police, there was the possibility other fans may have joined the small gathering and created a larger obstruction. For the avoidance of doubt I repeat, "I'm able to believe [the stewards] were ar5eh0les who made a c*nt of their job."
  9. Is this what you are referring to? Scotland 2 - Germany nil. -
  10. The mitigation would surely be that it is within the stewards' remit to attempt to prevent spectators from standing, loitering or otherwise, from the access passageways and stairways.
  11. No I did not. Nor am I defending the stewards, whom I'm able to believe were ar5eh0les who made a c*nt of their job. However, after all that previous effort from the young lad, this was lazy in comparison. He was lauded for liaising with the Ibrox and Firhill staff to agree and coordinate a fine display of support for his team... This time he just took it upon himself to have a dig at the opposition, from an area you might be moved on from for quietly standing, suppin a bovril while waiting on your pal coming back from the pi55er.
  12. You take what you want. However, it is not the argument I have presented. Quote me where I condone rangers fans in my post. Your argument is pathetic. To quote you, "And yet two young Thistle fans get manhandled out like a couple of war criminals for banners that are fairy light in comparison? " The logic in your comparison is Rangers fans are getting away with murder therefore we should be allowed to commit an assault. The banners were not a neutral, disinterested call for peace or denouncement of discrimination, sectarianism or anything else. They were promoting specific opposition groups to "them", which are not "us". They weren't in support of "us" they were intended to offend "them". It is this reasoning which perpetuates grievances and escalates the tit for tat abuse. My enemy's enemy is my friend. Your argument is authoritarian. We are not the police, the law... "the peepell" ... we are a football club. Yet, you decree, "The young Thistle fans calling them out / winding them up are to be applauded. Thistle fans rounding on their own for doing so, now THAT'S pathetic.". I said, "I don't mind the odd dig at the opposition, I'd have to plead guilty on many occasion. So, I'm not dictating rules to anyone. Do what you want. I'm not asserting myself as the "better Jag" here, just asking for pause for thought." I'm not "rounding on my own" any more than you are right now in critiquing my criticisms of some of our fans. "The Ibrox incident was just trying to play their favoured exclusive game while we were getting pumped on the park.... Bit pathetic really. ... ... ... Though not as pathetic as the 'orrible 'uns spitting feathers reaction. " Whether you believe in or think the causes promoted are righteous or not, or attempt to assert it was simply a point of order made with random subject for effect.... it doesn't mitigate a 0-3 pumpin. That's the pathetic distraction, of which the Old Firm are masters. ONE TEAM IN GLASGOW The old firm are cults.