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  1. Does it have to be a Scottish manager?
  2. He moved from Norway to Iceland last year.
  3. Norwejag

    Killie Game

    I've just watched the highlights. What on earth is Balatoni doing pushing forward going for the header like that with Muirhead already there? It left Taylor-Sinclair alone with the striker with no choice but to bring him down. I've seen it so many times this season, the positioning and decision-making of the central defenders is terrible. Disappointing to see the lack of effort in getting the rebound from the penalty as well.
  4. Any Norwegians or are they all Scottish exiles?
  5. They introduced a 16 team top league and a 16 team second tier here in Norway a few years ago. Lately our youth international teams have improved greatly, and in my view this is due to the league format giving more opportunities to young homegrown players. Our U21's recently managed to qualify for a major tournament for the first time in ages, knocking out France in the process. Unfortunately, we also have people at the top calling for smaller leagues - citing the same w**k arguments like "too many meaningless games" etc with media people jumping on the bandwagon.
  6. I'm struggling to keep up with all this. When will we definitely know what will happen with Rangers next season?
  7. Is his haircut meant as a joke?