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  1. See Lukaku's goal against Russia in the Euros for the onside version.
  2. My entry time is also 1-1:30, but I wont be able to get there for that time. So we will just have to wait and see what the consequences are when you turn up late.
  3. Looks like its the Tractor drivers for next season. 14 mins in and they're getting pumped 2-0
  4. Apart from the fact that it has just chucked it
  5. How is the sizing compared to the Joma stuff?
  6. We're Thistle, so should it not be something like, "Scarlet and Pineapple, with Onyx trim"
  7. Utter Fcuking Shyte. We will not finish higher than 9th if that is the standard we play at.
  8. going back to the base of the league today guys.
  9. Falkirk win, we're now bottom. Yay
  10. looks like a possible 3-5-2 formation, or a 3-4-3, or most likely a 5-4-1
  11. Whats the lineup for the game? Official site isnt showing it. forget it. its up now