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  1. Montrose FC getting hee haw from today. Money spent on HT draw tickets at Firhill.
  2. How do you know it was mentioned without their permission?
  3. Wasn’t the HT scoreboard moved to the middle and rear of the city end Before being removed? Or is that just my memory playing tricks?
  4. Agreed, but still doesn’t alter the fact we’d be much worse off if Mr Weir hadn’t helped. Rangers have a huge fan base so it isn’t surprising there’s a queue of folk wanting to invest/donate.
  5. I don’t think we can comment too much Norge, we’ve been more than helped by a guy - who was worth 160M - for several years.
  6. You find the money to pay them and I’m sure the club would consider their employment.
  7. Thanks Jaggy, I wasn't aware. As they've retained my username and password and debit card details I thought it would happen automatically. Silly me.
  8. You can now add Spittal to the long term injury list
  9. I bought a PPV for the Falkirk game BB and it was a tenner for me today.
  10. I'd saved my details from last time AJ, remembered all my details even my card payment details, takes money, says Ive bought a ticket then nowt!