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  1. So, approximately 0.014% of the population, worldwide.
  2. Agreed I’d definitely vote in favour
  3. Agreed and add in the fact that they’re here for a whole season and not just a couple of months, would , I’d like to think make a big difference in their willingness to do well.
  4. You won’t be ‘hammered’ by me. I agree re: T S. Doncaster Rovers’ fans voted him their worst full back........ ever! And Plymouth Argyle fans were more than glad to see the back of him. He played well at our level and in our set up but I don’t think he improved at all after departing Firhill. Is he at Livi now?
  5. Because of McGlashan’s height, didn’t Lambie say of him “ He’s the the last guy in Glasgow to know it’s raining” ?
  6. Agreed, which indicates we did well to sell him for a reasonable fee
  7. Good question JAF, the South Hams district in Devon is the second safest place with a death rate of 4 per 100,000. the safest was somewhere in Norfolk.
  8. Sorry AJ it was big Glasgow Derby back in the sixties but no longer.
  9. Feck me, you’ve turned into Boris Johnson.
  10. If there is one thing worse than a sore loser, it’s a bad winner. A big dod of humility wouldn’t go amiss WJ.
  11. Despite anticipating this decision, I still feel sick in the pit of my stomach. That SPFL statement smacks of smugness, not only that but it gives them Carte Blanche to do as they wish in the future.
  12. His quote was, " I'm not an expert on Scottish football and listening to your (financial ) figures it doesn't seem like you are either." He also said "It is archaic for a customer not to be able to buy an alcoholic drink at a function or a sporting event" and, "The fact that you've got a Scottish Premiership without a sponsor, do you know how long you'd work for Barry Hearn if that was the case? You wouldn't have time to take your coat off, you'd be in the car park." Shamefully, I think it is a pretty accurate summation of how Scottish football is administered.
  13. Certainly is, it should be revived, Also, I think it’s a crackin’ telephone number.