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  1. I always thought Blair gave his all in most games he played for us. Sure his performances were poor in some games but don’t think he ever hid too much. Great signing at this level and sure he will chip in with a fair few goals.
  2. Although it is defo not happening now I was in two minds about a Doolan return. 1. It would have been a massive boost to the club and fans to have the legend that is Sir Kris Doolan return and would hopefully galvanize the support a bit. 2. What if he return and was absolutely rubbish would this sour his legacy and simple leave everyone with the memory of an aging striker who couldn't replicate the form of his first spell. I know people will say he wasnt great in his last season with his but to be fair who was?? Disappointing if the someone on the board is deciding who we sign and dont sign. I cant see McCall standing for this. Surely he has a budget and as long as the players he brings in are within this budget then the board shouldn't really have an input. The only instance where I would expect the board to interfere with a signing is if that player had some sort of ongoing issue that could potentially damage the reputation of the club which Doolan certainly does not.
  3. Doncaster will decide that 2 teams should be relegated as Brechin finish 2nd in league two and deserve promotion.
  4. The problem is the SFA will want to send a message if not to us and hearts but the rest of Scottish football to say dont try and take us or the SPFL to court. A small fine or suspended fine/sentence will not do this and only give precedent to other clubs in the future. In saying that I still think they must have some common sense and realise that we have been punished enough through relegation to impose a ridiculous fine would be crazy and given the support we have received from some sports journalists could just end up being a PR nightmare. I think we will get the minimum fine with a slap on the wrist.
  5. Tough start to the season. Clyde and Cove Away & Falkirk and Airdrie at home.
  6. Yeah sadly its a bit bland. Would be nice enough if they put some red and yellow trim on the top to give it a bit of colour. I have been holding off buying the home top as I usually like to get the away ones but Think its the home top for me.
  7. Imagine that. Thistle win the league 1 title and the SPFL decide that there will be no promotion or relegation due clubs not playing the required number of games of 36.
  8. I will await the Thistle and Hearts response although not expecting it to say too much as we probably just have to accept our fate now. Not surprised in the ruling but like others glad we at least tried and hopefully the person who is fronting our legal costs is paying for this all especially if we have to compensate others. My hope from this was that the SPFL dirty laundry was aired and we could show what a shower of s**te they are. I have never been a big fan of Scottish football and this whole episode has really confirmed it for me that Scottish football is a waste of time. I will of course continue to support thistle and give the club as much backing as possible.
  9. Foster is a good signing and as someone else said he is the kind of pro we have been lacking. Will call people out for not pulling their weight. We havent really had anyone like that for a long time apart from Anderson in his spell last year. Foster at RB and penrice at LB should be pretty solid for league one level. With the remaining players from last season and with Lyons and Niang who both done really well at this level last season we should be able to compete. Current potential team for next season Sneddon Foster o'Ware Brownlie Penrice Docherty Bannigan Gordon Cardle (Maybe??) Lyons Graham (Rudden)
  10. I am in agreement in a way. I think ending the season has turned out to be the correct decision as I doubt the remaining fixtures would ever take place or would probably result in the season not being concluded until January next year. There are however many things during the whole process that which have just to be honest stunk:- The Dundee Vote Saga - What happened here? What promises were made to Dundee by the SPFL & others to secure their vote or is it simply they changed their mind when the realised they were the deciding vote. Happy to vote on our side when they think it didnt matter giving them a morale high ground in the future and to show to their fans the are not going to promote Utd in a voting situation. SPFL Statement - Once the Dundee 2nd vote was cast the SPFL statement was a disgrace and made no mention or sympathy towards the relegated in these extreme circumstances. Basically like we didnt matter. Promoted Clubs - To be honest I dont mind the promotions of Dundee Utd & Cove Rangers but what really got me was the statements coming from Raith Rovers. Cove and Dundee utd were went in control of their leagues and really was just a matter of when rather than if but the Raith coming out saying they were deserved champions even though they were just ahead of Falkirk and even down to 5th I believe still had a chance. The audacity of their chairman to post these was ridiculous and I would not have cared too much if he was more humble about the whole thing. League Reconstruction - This was just a front and was never going to pass. Too many ego's in the game who cant see the bigger picture. It was brought up as a way to keep hearts quiet during this and occupied for a few months. Delay to arbitration - If indeed this hasnt went ahead and the documents have not been released then this may show the SPFL (& others) have potentially been up to something they shouldn't have. Promises made to Dundee & other clubs to secure votes, threats made to clubs who are voting against. The fact it wasn't disclosed that the season didn't need to be ended to release funds. SFA - This is a smoke screen to basically cover them and the SPFL while they get their story straight or in the very least paint us and Hearts as the bad guys for breaking the rules. I wasnt fussed about a court case at the time and I dont think we will get the outcome we are looking for. All I hope now is that this shows the SPFL particularly Doncaster for being completely inept at his job and we get some sort of change at the top.
  11. With the threat of expulsion hanging over us maybe this gives us the chance to start Partick Thistle Newco and start in the 8th tier of Scottish football and rise through the well establish Scottish football pyramid set up in glory. It will be like one these football manager experiments. I am of course joking before anyone has a go at me
  12. I was disappointed that we let him go at the time. We have just been relegated and thought he had a decent reputation when out on loan so he could have done a job as a back up to Doolan. However i suppose sometimes these things happen and maybe if he stay at thistle for the last two years he would be playing Junior football now.
  13. Good Statement in my opinion. Like how they stated that our case is with the SPFL and not them. Also how to ask other clubs to pay for their legal costs only potentially causes greater division within Scottish football.
  14. Paton tweeted more familiar faces to come. Was erskine not linked with them a few weeks back.
  15. It was mention during the Scottish Government briefing that potentially (In Pencil) that fans would be allowed to attend games from October. They did highlighted that this isnt set in stone and is based on how we are limiting the Virus at present but this could change if we see any spikes in the mean time. I think the lower league clubs have potentially got this right. Aug/sept is probably too soon but fingers crossed everything going well football hopefully can return in October with fans.