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  1. Thanks Dick Dastardly. I just try and keep them somple and obvious really. Wish I could do the team talks...maybe remove the 2 assistant managers for me?
  2. As my teamtalk predicted, we went top of the league! And falkirk and cove's bottles crashed. However.....if we win the league I think 'my hat in the ring for the next manager/coach' my be flung out the ring!
  3. Tonights team talk. "Get a couple of early goals, our confidence is high so keep pressing up the park. Word will get to cove and falkirk and their bottles will crash. We will be top of the league tonight, I 100% trust you all...now go out and do it" then send them out to go top of the league.
  4. Your in the management team.
  5. That may just be the 'dream team' he can be stopped tinkering and making 5 subs.
  6. If, BIG IF, I take over, who should ve my number 2? New person or seasoned coach?
  7. I wish! Maybe someone at Firhill reads the posts here, and passed on my team talk.
  8. I will invite you in for a team talk or two
  9. My team talk tonight would be much like Tuesdays game. "Nothing stupid at the back, pressure every Montrose player, chase every ball. Get an early goal and go in for the kill, punish their every mistake and take our chances. They lose a lot of goals, sonan.early goal will sap their confidence. Looking for 3 nil at half time" Team talk done, send the players out.
  10. Thank you.....and where do I sign?
  11. I see my pre match team talk wasnt listened too.
  12. I wish my pre match chat on New manager/coach was listened too
  13. No, I think it's best to go with 'dont change a winning team' formula if no injuries or suspensions. 5 or 6 subs is a no go (barring friendlies)