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  1. Not binned, still here
  2. Thanks @sandy I felt the fans bit, needed to be said
  3. Tonight's team talk to players: the pressure is all on them, there winning and at home, so go out,enjoy the occasion,and nick an early goal. Do this and the pressure might just get to them. Then you might just grow and.grow and we can then win the game. I would also talk to the fans : We might not have been great recently, but for ffs get off the players back. Any negative shouting has a negative impact on them. Shout at me, but leave the players alone. Infact, shout FOR the players rather at then, and it will give them a boost and you just don't know what we can do IF we all pull together.
  4. Did anyone else get a flashback when Allegria was one on one - Rod Mcdonald, in play off to the Premier league, vs Dundee utd one-on-one. He missed it as well. Then we never got a stone wall 2nd penalty and...Well we know the rest. Same feeling for Friday?
  5. Bannigan can stay in Glasgow on Friday, Diddy upfront from tax dodgers can leave now, anikola poor, seddon poor at both goals. At least its not the relegation play offs. McCall, archie n Scally must go. Why took so long to take Graham off, he was knackered.
  6. Tonight's team talk. We MUSTbe up for this, and win all our battles on the park. This is the last chance for promotion so don't come off with any regrets. Get stuck in, and you just never know. Do not chuck it, running ur socks off, let's get a couple if early goals and demoralise this lot.
  7. Tonight's team talk : Keep it simple, no rash challenges that will get u injured or suspended for play offs. Pass the ball well, nothing stupid in defence and take ur chances. Fringe players can play their way into the playoff starting team.
  8. Today's team talk. This lot are fighting for their lives trying to stay in this league, we are also fighting for the rite to get out this league too, so u better roll ur sleeves up and out fight them in every area of the pitch. I'm looking at everyone on the park, thinking are they good enough for a Partick Thistle strip. If u can't be arsed trying then you will NOT be here in the play offs or next season. Go out and win, and try and keep you job here.
  9. That might blow my budget. We've got big Brian Graham anyway lol
  10. 100% yes and I think everyone knows I would
  11. 100% NOT. I wonder if many managers would come to Firhill and work under her rule.
  12. Scott McCleans header at parkhead was a good football over the line. Never given and lost on penalties
  13. Always remember when Gerry Britton 'tickled' the nose of muscat by accident and went down like Rocky had punched him, and I think we fell apart. With our luck VAR would most likely miss these kind of incidents