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  1. Any idea of the playing budgets in L1? I am guessing us & Falkirk will lead the way.
  2. Watching Kakay today playing for a depleted QPR.
  3. Cfirejkl

    New Kit

    I like it & really appreciate the solid socks . I really like the polo.
  4. Life is not fair! However, competent people /organizations can endeavor to make it so. The SFA have failed this test. The legal route is the way to go.
  5. (We believe it is time for clubs to show solidarity with us as we arbitrarily and disproportionately bear the brunt of the damage being done to our game due to circumstances that are no-one’s fault. “Our plea is simple: choose to do no harm.”) Today’s Board Statement. Probably On deaf ears, but at least it is announced.
  6. Cfirejkl

    New Kit

    No striped socks please!
  7. While the acceptance is there I still have a glimmer of hope. I will be in firm support when we get back up and running - although that still looks months away - and hope we can finally give a good account of ourselves which for the most part has been lacking for 3 years. Still so much uncertainty, it is hard to get enthused.
  8. WaTching Leipzig / Freiburg Gotta say it fills a bit of the void more than classic reruns. I love the fact that they still announce subs and such over the PA system and music after a goal. Never been a fan of the Bundesliga but it is a good show.
  9. Focus has got to turn to reality. We are responsible for our own demise - but we were given a cruel kick in the backside. I don't know how all the teams will survive the next few months - possibly longer. I hope I am wrong. I just look forward to us being back on a pitch (grass) facing another 11.
  10. Great picture hopefully we will see some nice white paint and goals in the coming months
  11. Likewise. And my preference would be for enough teams in each (18 min) to play each other home & away (ie no split) important to have a pyramid below to give those small teams an avenue to the top flights. Some small clubs are the identity of a community
  12. So would Brechin be saved. they were in free fall....
  13. Don’t understand a 4 league system in a country of less than 6m I understand that there is the selling point of the Old Firm 4 times a season, but who else wants to play another team 4 times Just hope enough teams survive the next year.
  14. I was hoping for a restructuring- at least in the interim. Three leagues of 14. Something a wee bit different to look forward to after all this gloom. However if they are going to call it, we have been dire all year and never found ways to win games we should have. home form was definitely abysmal. If they find a way to keep Hearts up though that will be a farce. Still hopeful - but look forward to any kind of football coming our way
  15. It’s on my shortlist to watch even more so now Thanks for the link
  16. I love this! great thread - Well done mates
  17. It took 2-3 months for my approval I had given up
  18. Fairly new to these boards but since I am so far away geographically I enjoy the banter. We are all in the same big boat and hope it won't be too far away that we are wondering how the hell we can't win a game! Better still how we can't seem to lose. Hunker down stay safe!
  19. ATP suspended tour for 6 weeks, NBA indefinite suspension, MLS suspended for 30 days. Seems where it is all going. Need to keep a positive perspective and look forward to when everything is back to normal (other than we might actually win a game)
  20. It’s a really sad situation we are all in. i know I selfishly look to see if the games are on, whether Scotland or here, but at the same time being totally aware of the seriousness of the health implications who knows where we go from here but let’s hope there is a silver lining
  21. Add me to cautiously optimistic!
  22. Like has been said, hopeful ( a point would be valuable) but not expectant! ......then again what was the result when Hamilton went to Ibrox??
  23. Season history says we will not keep a clean sheet - therefore we must score 2 to win. That plays on the confidence of the players and fans. Tuesday is the best time to turn that around! I'd be thrilled with 1-0!!