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  1. Cfirejkl

    QP away

    I agree. That’s why I am always curious about season tickets. It’s an excellent measure of the health of the team. Obviously a promotion or relegation will influence it however most clubs have a ingrained support cultivated over generations. Many on this forum have been life long fans. Queens Park are doing their thing and it will be interesting to see how things shake up when they get their stadium in order. I wish them well. We have to get our own house in order starting with ownership. It could be a very bright future.
  2. Cfirejkl

    QP away

    Sitting here thinking the same thing
  3. Cfirejkl

    QP away

    GRE2 - I was definitely just referring to on the park - and results at that shenanigans off the park are just sad.
  4. Cfirejkl

    QP away

    Really poor result - but first poor result this season (Premier Cup included). Need to bounce back Friday. Looks like a competitive league. Fact that Arbroath is last shows that. Too much gloom - we are still in good shape.
  5. Cfirejkl

    QP away

    Q Park are punching above their weight. Made the most of a distant 4th to have a good playoff run to gain promotion. Its very early yet, but this is a great chance to get one over the new boys especially when this is somewhat neutral territory
  6. Some good finishing there. Plenty of action. Pity about our penalty kick thanks for the link
  7. I applaud the initiative. The Club should be inclusive and this is a very small gesture in that regard. I cannot imagine it takes anything away from the normal running of the club.
  8. Taking the positive..... 4 points in two games, great League cup start. I'll take that.
  9. Brand new pet hate - 5 substitutes.
  10. good news - hope we can get a few more today and tomorrow ....and thereafter...
  11. Wishing the ladies the very best this weekend in their opener.
  12. For my own amusement sometime last season I calculated Thistle's finishing position since 2000. It was 17th I believe (if I am wrong someone correct me). That would indicate we are mid Championship performing over a long period of time. I don't like the 12-10-10-10 system. It is stale and keeps all teams playing too many games against each other. It also keeps revenue up at the top. I'd be curious to see where we stand as to season ticket sales - are we 17th - or there abouts?
  13. How is this a viable model to have no way to get tickets at the game?