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8 hours ago, Jaggernaut said:

Love that Jags figurine!

Some years ago, I saw an ad. in a football magazine showing these in various team colours. The blurb said they had a number of teams in stock but you could order any team, provided you gave accurate details for how the shirt, shorts and socks should look. In addition you could choose a number for the reverse of the shirt in a colour of your choice. And, as an added bonus, although the faces were all the same, you could choose colour of hair, from black, blond, brown, red. ie it was meant to be a version of your younger self in your club colours. I had a Thistle long-sleeve shirt-red/yellow horizontal hoops, black round neck/cuffs, no badge  when I was a kid. Mum got it from Millet’s in Glasgow for a birthday. Also, she had sewn a no. 3 on the back (but in white-the actual colour of numbers on Thistle shirts was black). Thus, I asked for a white number three! I was delighted when I received it. It most probably is a one-off, in my favourite Thistle colours, plus it also reminds me of my dear late-mum. NB: the shorts are a bit long for a child of the early 1960s, but who cares, it’s still one of my own favourite Thistle-related possessions! 

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27 minutes ago, denismcquadeno.eleven said:

Thanks for this!

Thanks to the brilliant Thistle Archive. I can easily lose an hour or two looking through the pages.

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