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  1. Used to have a orange monkey shirt lol Love their show on TV
  2. As a shareholder and a pensioner I've already pledged my shares and a small donation to the trust Do I need to join again
  3. When we beat St johnstone in 1/4 finals we started to believe Falkirk game was a daudle The rest is history
  4. Girls football really taken off now I run wee academy and one girl has just signed for celtic
  5. I'm sure I seen the winners name written on the white marker board beside the toilets as you leave the stadium
  6. Personally I think we should take this competition serious Probably our best chance of getting to a cup final It would be great to take family to a cup final and hopefully come back with the silver wear
  7. my daughter and nephew were the mascots that day , I've plenty of pictures from that day will try and post them.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=825879177491428&set=o.614979991880548&type=1&theater this is our new strip 1876 thistle boys club
  9. how much do the club get out of the calendars and programmes ,
  10. lambies era was videos, dick Campbell never watched videos as he had a photo memory of every game , McCall was the same he used to throw videos straight into the bin, rangers have had a guy doing this for years as Celtic , for instance when they play us they will look at our last game , free kicks, corners, set plays and how we set up during the game then on the day before match the guy would tell the players what we do so they have a head start before match days, lots of clubs have it now mostly thru collages etc. . you can do it on the cheep with one camera up to eight
  11. we could have had this years ago under the prozone scheme but was knocked back by the club as to expensive , clubs have had this for years Hamilton had this 5 years ago , was wondering if its the same lad.
  12. how many tickets have you sold, and how many horses still to be bought ? why the central halls what happened to the Aitken suite for functions?
  13. we are getting our numbers put on the strips we bought this week {1876 thistle boys club} done by joma they are by far the cheapest celtic wanted £7 and shop at parkhead forge £6
  14. the club still might be making a dvd of last season , you may have to wait a little longer .first thing is you cant just make a dvd and sell it you need permission from the league who in turn,have to asked all the clubs in the league if its ok ,then you have to pay a small amount to the league for this .usually its just the season highlights that;s already on the web-site plus interviews ,that would have been done near the end of the season with thistle winning the league. thistle fan base for selling videos is around 1,000 to 1,200 just depends on how the fans feel about the dvd ,and the reaction it gets on the web=page .if you look at the last game of the season you will see the pttv cameraman on the park during the players celebrations , so a dvd could still be on the cards. with it all being done by volunteers then that keeps the cost down the last one cost about £1,000 for to set up and copied the profit is around £10,000 +. on dvd and videos pttv have have given the club over £45,000 from 4 being produced hope this helps. Campbell hughes.
  15. new stadium getting built on the outskirts of the town for them, langlands, just by calderglen park , all payed by the council
  16. its not so much a fix, but some teams do get a head start the reason for taking so long is simple some clubs have more to count than others, falkirk hold back to near the end and will have about 100,000 cans to count . they have such a large youth system and are well organised at collecting cans.
  17. grandson has just signed for clyde boys club 08s , played his first game on sunday good set up from o6 upwards , trains twice aweek and plays on sunday.
  18. heard from a source yesterday, that lambie has been relieved of his hospitality duties at firhill.
  19. dont think calling him a gandu is very welcoming ,
  20. its not just about the artificial pitch is it, our youth set up is to old fashion how can you start a youth set up at 19s and work your way down, we need a compleate overhaul of the set up starting from 5 years on and upwords . the pitch would pay for its self with the young teams and first team using the pitch and no more cost of hiring pitches to train on , would like to hear the clubs plans for the next few season concerning the youth set-up,
  21. this is the way forward no rugby no clyde , work hard at getting the young ones from maryhill area back supporting the jags.