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  1. Iron Horse is getting demolished for a hotel apparently. But the cancelled Israel game party was going to be in Roderick Dubh which is pretty good. Organised by the WESTA troops. I'll miss the Iron Horse but Roderick Dubh is deffo not slumming it!
  2. I'll get a season ticket as usual, canny help it. But the elephant in the room is that both the WOODY AND MUNNS WILL BE SHUT AAAAAAARGHHHH YA BASS
  3. Here you, the goths of Partick Thistle are not happy with this and I can speak for all three of us.
  4. Hoi! Where's the previous results? One click on the Centenary fund had October 2019 as the last results.
  5. I would deffo buy that, good design
  6. I don't have time for this shyeet. We're getting relegated and now this..... WHY???????
  7. Re: penalty. I had a good view of it and it was definitely offside. But how the f*** did the linesman manage to change his mind. Normally if they miss it they miss it, out of incompetence. In fact they usually miss everything else because they are concentrating on offside and their pea-brains can't look at the actual line at the same time. I don't really understand why we are so rubbish but I'm fairly sure that Caldwell is to blame for this. It's like Leveine with Hearts and stupid chair 'people' who know hee-haw about football listening to delusional f******s with their motivational Powerpoint presentations. I really respect IMC and we should stick with him, he'll eventually sort it out. PS - we would have missed the penalty kick!
  8. alx

    Vs Morton

    Jings what a relief. Ian McCall's got the crowd singing again. Scary last ten minutes though.
  9. I lost me old tartan scarf, but bought a decent bootleg one in the lane.
  10. Thanks Alan Murray, I wouldn't have fond that
  11. Blimey, getting our first choice manager to drop down to the bottom of the league is astounding. I genuinely thought that next season was our best chance of IMC returning. PS - in the interests of musicality it should be 'Ian McCallys red and yella army', with the extra y.
  12. Might as well face it, Shankland United will thrash us. No point worrying about it.
  13. Plain yellow is rubbish. I'm sticking to last year's top, which is good as I got a flash back print done at Morton's T-shirts.
  14. alx

    Miller signs

    Good signing. KM has always been a great player. I'm weirdly chuffed that he's playing for the jags, even if it's his last season as a player.