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  1. alx

    vs Killie

    Oh well, luxury BBC Scotland option for me. Quite handy really because of house visitors and still working
  2. Not fair, it's ages since I won first prize or hospitality for four, sheesh.
  3. FFS. I don't like hippies, vegans, Pink Floyd, vegies etc etc. Anyoo, as I was saying to Stewarty. Brilliant result
  4. Canny beat a bit of stone cold Glaswegian dry humour. You either get it or you don't (cf English press with Andy Murray). What a game though. The jags will be scaring the rest of the league at the moment. One of my neighbours is an ICT fan, and right now I'm thinking.... might take them.
  5. Top prize for an Alexio heh heh. Almost paid for my season ticket.
  6. Where's the June results? Not a fix. Hehe heheh hehehe heh heheh eheheh myah hahahahah
  7. Yo! Alex McMahon from Partick. Was a baby in Anniesland and some school age times by the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond. ALX was/is my pinball high score tag. In the old days you only got three letters.
  8. All hail the post. The left hand post might have won us the league.
  9. Wisnae great but 0-2 is pretty good. Might risk looking at the table shortly!
  10. Forfar should place their microphone somewhere else! Quite funny
  11. I've tried out the live stream. No commentary, what a swiz the cheap gits