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  1. Davie McParland, Bobby Gray, John Hansen (joined the Jags in 1967 and played in the hooped jersey. I remember seeing him play in the old strip), and George O'Neill
  2. L - R McKinnon, hidden unknown, O'Neil, McLindon, Mc Parland
  3. I still have a copy of that book which was given to me as a Christmas present in 1996. It's a good read with some great pictures. I can also remember trying on Jimmy Mason's Scotland caps at my grandmother's house when I was a wee boy.
  4. My grandson really likes mine and I said I'd get him the same one. It's a but disappointing they're not available any more
  5. Has the club stopped selling the tartan scarf? I've been looking online at the club shop but can't seem to find it any more.
  6. This actually is my first football strip. Before I emigrated in the early 80s I couldn't find a thistle shirt in the shops, so I wrote to the club on the off chance I could buy an old one. I was lucky enough to have one put aside for me by Donnie McKinnon which I picked up from Firhill a few days before I left. It's one of my prized possessions! (I also think this is one of the best club badges)
  7. This link gives far clearer explanations than the BBC http://theifab.com/document/for-football-bodies It should also be remembered that referees don't just read the law changes, but have to attend seminars about them, and workshop the applications and outcomes. I'll be interested to see the coming "debates" around them, especially handball, but when you look at the changes to that particular law it makes it far easier to interpret. Red and yellow cards in the technical area should hopefully temper the behaviour there, especially if the actual offender can't be identified, then the senior coach in the technical area gets the card. So it's up to the coach to keep his officials in check. Teams having the option of choice of ends of kick off at the coin toss is reverting back to the same as it used to be years ago, when the choice having kick off was removed. The BBC didn't mention the change to the "back pass" law. From this season if the ball is deliberately kicked to the GK by a team mate, or he receives it directly from a team mates throw in, he can handle it if he CLEARLY kicks or ATTEMPTS to kick the ball to release it into play
  8. These clips brought back a lot of memories, thanks for showing them. One piece of trivia has been answered for me. I was always 100% certain that the numbers on the yellow shirt were always black, as worn in the League cup final, but they had red numbers as well in some of the games. Thank goodness for colour film!
  9. I'm fairly certain I remember them wearing khaki as their clash colour. Not a colour I would like to have worn
  10. Luck would have had nothing to do with it. The A/R would have clearly seen that he didn't interfere with the play or opponents. The only way offside would have been given would have been if he'd touched the ball.
  11. I'd like to agree about the penalty claim, but taking into account the force both players are using against each other, and the positions of the ref and A/R, I don't think a penalty could have been given there
  12. Seeing the new strip being used rather than just modelled shows it in a different light. And it looks really good on the telly
  13. We were lucky to get the goal. Doolan was offside
  14. 3 - 0! and I got up at 4.30 to watch this
  15. Jaggernaut, if you're in Oz and have access to Foxtel, the game's on live. I'll be getting up at 4.30 to watch it, wrapped up against the cold and with several hot cups of tea
  16. That game was there for the taking
  17. same as last time. I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. The card should have been shown for that
  19. Y/C Booth but he can't complain about it